Why It Might Be Time to Look For a New Biotech Role

Consider the career goals you set yourself some time ago: have you achieved them? Are you on your way to achieving them?

You might have decided that a career in biotechnology was the right one for you, but if you have been working within the same company for a while now, you might not be accomplishing the goals you once were determined to.

We’ve compiled a list of questions to help you evaluate whether it might be time to find a new role in biotechnology, and whether you are reaching your full potential.

Are you cutting edge products and technology?

Working in biotechnology should provide opportunities to work on a variety of exciting projects, offering a diverse and always interesting work day. No two days are often the same, meaning that your mind should be stimulated and you should be able to acquire and improve a wider range of skills than you would in any other environment. If the company you currently work for are not employing this state-of-the-art technology, this could be a sign that it is time to look for a new role with an organisation that offers a greater range of products and technology.

Are you being provided with opportunities for development?

We have noticed that teams are expanding quickly in many organisations which is opening up a multitude of opportunities for advancement towards higher paying, more senior roles. You may possess the right experience and educational background to aim for positions with more responsibility or a wider breadth of techniques, however your current job might not be providing these opportunities. This could mean that you are not achieving your full potential or spending your time wisely. Some companies offer leadership development programs that will help you progress, so it might be time to place yourself within one of these.

Are you working within an innovative and fast-moving environment?

The environment in which you work should fast-paced and highly advanced with an array of remarkable projects going on. Status-quo is often unheard of within biotechnology companies, as techniques and technology are ever-evolving for the better. Is the company you currently work for mundane and slow-moving? This could increase the likelihood of workplace burnout, therefore if you like change, working within a fast-paced biotech environment would be much more stimulating.

Are you making a difference to peoples’ lives?

The work that biotech companies do is potentially lifesaving, and therefore should be fascinating and extremely rewarding. Moving jobs could mean contributing to creating treatments that have the power to cure millions of people around the world, and that may be one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

Are you being rewarded for your efforts?

Many biotech companies reward their employees with a range of perks, including a high salary and top-tier benefits. According to Indeed, the average annual salary for a Principal Scientist is £53,000, whereas a Clinical Programme Lead could earn in excess of £80,000. As well as being mentally rewarded by the work you contribute on a daily basis, you should be valued by your employer, and moving jobs might be the way to achieve this.

Are you using the most up-to-date techniques?

If you are an Assay Development Scientist, are you familiar with qPCR, Western Blot and ELISA? If you are a Microbiologist, are you experienced in VITEK 2 and Bioburden testing techniques? In order to progress within biotechnology, it is important that you are experienced with the most current practices. It may be worth researching the latest techniques used in the industry, and evaluating whether the company you are currently working within is providing the opportunity to implement such practices.

Think it might be time to move on?

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