What are you looking for in a new job?

You are preparing for your interview and one key question the interviewer will surely ask is “what are you looking for in a new job?”

This can be quite a tricky question to answer, as you need to avoid focusing on the obvious motivations such as salary and benefits, most employers hope that employees are looking for something else as well as money.

So how is it best to answer this question? Principal Consultant Naynesh Mistry has written a short article highlighting his top tips here:

Remember, you want to be honest in your answer and the best way to answer “What kind of job are you looking for?” is by giving facts and examples.

Start with your skills:

This is an area the hiring manager is sure to care about. Talk about how you’re looking for a role where you can use your skills. Remember not to over-sell your skills, being honest about the skills you have is important.

You wouldn’t want to be expected to independently carry out assigned tasks and have to admit that you don’t know how to carry out the work. If there are particular skills that you are keen to learn, use this as an opportunity to highlight these.

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