UK Scientists Develop New ‘Super Broccoli’

As reported by Yahoo!, UK scientists have developed a new ‘super’ broccoli which could help to protect against heart disease.

The scientists, from the Institute of Food Research, were lead by Richard Mithen. Mithen stated that when the broccoli is eaten, cholesterol is reduced in the blood stream, which could help protect against heart disease.

The broccoli is said to contain two to three times the normal amount of glucoraphanin – this works by breaking down fat in the body, thus stopping it from clogging the arteries.

The ‘super broccoli’ was developed by cross breeding traditional British broccoli with a wild Sicilian variety and a dose of glucoraphanin. This process took 14 years and now the broccoli has been granted patent by EU authorities. It is due to hit UK shelves this month!

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