UK Science Faces Funding Cut Backs


According to the BBC, The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), one of the UK’s largest funding councils, is due to cut 25% of its research studentships and fellowships. Critics warn that this move could harm the future of UK science by reducing investment in the next generation of researchers.

Unfortunately the SFTC has been forced to make cut backs due to the global financial crisis and the fall of the value of the pound. The council described the cuts to its funding as “regrettable but necessary”. According to the Royal Astronomical Society, the cut backs have also lead to SFTC to withdraw from some existing research projects, stating that by 2012, facilities including the UK Infrared Telescope in Hawaii and the Gemini observatory would have “lost all UK support”.

Speaking of the funding cuts, Nuclear physicist, Professor Patrick Regan, said that Britain could be left unable of training the technicians it needs to develop the planned next generation of nuclear power plants.

To read the full BBC article, click here.

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