Top Tips to Work from Home Successfully

Due to current events namely, the Coronavirus hundreds of thousands of people will begin working from home this week. This may be new for some workers but for others, it could just be another day at work. Here at CK, everyone is now working remotely but like many companies, the whole team has the technology to work from home without issue.

Working from home has become very popular and brings many advantages such as no commute, higher productivity and the ability to be more flexible in your schedule allowing for more family time or hobbies (the ones we can do at the moment).

It might be nice to take advantage of these while you can and it seems that many across the UK and further across the globe could be working from home for a while. But it does bring some downsides with it.

“Working from home may seem exciting at first but when the internet stops working, the dog wants to play, you haven’t seen a colleague for days and you start to lose motivation in the afternoons, then you could start to feel unproductive….”

So how can you work effectively, without distraction and enjoy it?

If you are new to home working or would like to know how you can work from home more productively and effectively, take a look at our article ‘8 Top Tips to Work from Home Efficiently’

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