Technology Industry Candidates in the South, UK

Meet our Technology Industry candidates looking for a new position in the South of England…


Physics & Chemist Graduate                                                                                 

  • Ref: 104549 
  • Salary: £15,000 – £20,000
  • Location: Will relocate for opportunity in industry      

This candidate is a graduate level candidate who has recently finished his degree in a combination of Physics & Chemist.

His special mix of knowledge gained during his course covers various physics disciplines (incl. reactor, solid state and optics) as well as a scope of chemistry disciplines (Organic, Synthetic and Analytical).

Following graduation he is currently utilising his skills and gaining laboratory experience in an academia based environment, but is keen to move into industry. He is available on 1 weeks notice as well as being flexible on location and salary.

For more information, please contact Andrew Bolton at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email 



Mechanical Engineer Graduate                                                                            

  • Reference: 102955 
  • Salary: £20,000 – £22,000 
  • Location: Flexible on location                                                                                                           

This candidate is a masters level Mechanical Engineer who is looking to break into the Technology industries.

His offers a multifarious skill set including strong general mechanical engineering skills; demonstrated experience of mechanical design including use of programmes such as CAD (Solidworks), FEA, MATLAB and ABAQUS; previous experience of developing prototypes and product simulations as well as knowledge of mechanical testing.

He is currently looking for work so is available to start immediately, looking for £20k – £22k and flexible on location.

For more information, please contact Andrew Bolton at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email



Materials Engineer                                                                                                  

  • Reference: 46010 
  • Salary: £28,000 
  • Location: Will relocate for the right role                                                                                

This candidate is a PhD Electrical Engineer who has gained strong research experience in the field of Materials Engineering.

His research saw him exploring the electrical and other properties of thin film semiconductors through performing material deposition using PECVD systems as well as material characterisation using techniques such as PL, EL, XPS, SEM, RBS, FTIR, AFM and Opto-electrical.

He is currently looking for £28k, available immediately and flexible on relocating.

For more information, please contact Andrew Bolton at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email






Quality Manager / Engineer                                                                                   

  • Reference: 82277 
  • Salary: £35,000 – £45,000
  • Location: Happy to relocate UK Wide                                                                                              

This candidate is a highly experienced Quality Engineer who has gained strong industry experience in the Medical Device and other Technology industries.

His background has seen him develop a wide range of skills including demonstrated experience managing QMS systems on site; auditing to various quality standards (Incl. ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820, FDA and several MDDs) as well as process improvements, continuous improvement and ensuring compliance with quality/regulatory requirements for both manufacturing processes & products surrounding a wide range of Technology (Kaizen).

He also offers a demonstrated background in people and project management having worked as both Quality and Manufacturing Managers.

Currently coming to the end of his contract in March 2011, he is keen to find a new role and flexible on salary / location.

For more information, please contact Andrew Bolton at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email

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