30 Jobs to be Created – Lancashire Recycling Plant

A waste recycling plant is set to be opened in Darwen, Lancashire, pending approval by the council, reports the BBC.

SITA UK, who are developing the £5 million site believe the project will create up to 30 jobs at a site on Lower Eccleshill Road. The Materials Recycling Facility is designed to sort 35,000 tonnes of material annually, including plastic, cans, card and paper from Lancashire commercial businesses, rather than household waste.

The plans for the site are expected to be sent to the Council by the end of August in order to develop the facility as soon as possible. The facility will allow for materials to be unloaded, sorted and bailed within the site, excluding glass, which will have to be sorted outside in a specially designed area.

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Recycling Cutbacks Could Lead to Lack of Jobs

LetsRecycle.com has reported that Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman’s June Waste Review could lead to a lack of investment and jobs in the UK waste industry due to the scrapping of specific recycling targets being set.

Attacks by shadow Environment Secretary Jamie Reed indicate that England’s target of 50% household waste recycling is too low compared to the rest of the UK, with Scotland and Wales aiming for 70% of waste being recycled by 2025, creating thousands of jobs in the waste industry. Mr Reed has asked whether Mrs Spelman will “publish an assessment of how many English jobs will not now be created… as a result of her decision”.

Mrs Spelman has said that the 50% recycling target meets EU regulations and will lead to a greater emphasis on the management of landfills. These would create waste industry jobs in areas where they are needed, according to the councils that need such schemes, rather than forcing them upon certain areas.

Mr Reed replied to these comments by stating that the government has abandoned recycling targets in England which would help to “rebalance the economy” and have therefore begun “deterring investment” in the waste industry.

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