GSK launches a new UK apprenticeship programme

GSK Media Centre released a press statement announcing the launch of a new multi-disciplinary apprenticeship scheme. The programme, which will sit alongside GSK’s established graduate and undergraduate recruitment schemes, is aimed at 16-24 year olds and will offer positions at the company’s UK manufacturing, R&D and corporate sites.

The scheme will commence in August this year and GSK will take on 40 apprentices in the first intake. The apprenticeships will last between 2 and 4 years depending on which area it is in. There will be IT, R&D Laboratory Technician, Manufacturing, Supply Chain management and Artwork Design opportunities.

In addition to a competitive base salary, apprentices will benefit from a personalised training plan and a GSK mentor, who will provide advice and support over the duration of the programme. If there is an apprentice who demonstrates the skills and behaviour GSK is looking for, they will be offered a role with the company at the end of the programme

Natalie Woodford, SVP, Talent, Leadership & Organisation Development at GSK said: “GSK is committed to attracting and developing talent at all levels, and youth training and apprenticeships have a vital role in building the right skills our employees need for the future. We are delighted to announce this programme today, which will give young people hands-on experience in the life sciences industry; a key sector for the UK.”

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Jason Johal – Pharma, Biotech and Food Recruitment

Jason is the Manager of the CK Science Stevenage office, as well as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and  Food industries. To find out more, please watch his short video below:

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Anti-aging hope for Vitamin D

As reported by Pharmiweb,  current research suggests that Vitamin D supplements may have wide-ranging anti-ageing properties including the preservation of eyesight. The research is still at an early stage however research scientists believe it could have important implications for human health. Boosting the intake of vitamin D may have broad anti-ageing effects and in particular help prevent loss of vision and blindness in older people.

During the research study middle-aged mice treated with the vitamin for six weeks underwent changes in their eyes that led to improved vision. Levels of amyloid beta, a toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease and known to be a hallmark of ageing, were also reduced in the animals’ eyes and blood vessels.

Lead scientist Professor Glen Jeffery, from the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London, said: “Finding that amyloid deposits were reduced in the blood vessels of mice that had been given vitamin D supplements suggests that vitamin D could be useful in helping to prevent a range of age-related health problems, from deteriorating vision to heart disease.”

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GSK plans to build UK factory and create 1,000 jobs

As reported in This is, the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is planning on building it’s first new UK factory in 30 years. This will create 1,000 jobs.

As Andrew Witty, CEO of GSK explains, the plan comes are a result of tax breaks on innovation introduced by Chancellor George Osbourne,  ‘Because of changes in the UK tax regime, it will be our intention to bring more activity to Britain and take advantage of the situation here and increase our contribution to Britain. If it [corporation tax] is going to come down over the next few years, it will attract us to pay more tax here.’

The global pharma are considering Cumbria, County Durham and two locations in Scotland for their new factory. A decision is expected to be made in May.

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Nominate CK Science in the NORA's 2011!

Nominate CK Science for the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA’s) 2011!

 Nominations are currently being received for the awards, a prestigious honour created to recognise and reward excellence in the recruitment industry.

 This is something we always strive for; we go to great lengths in order to help those in the science industry to find a job, particularly with our website, catered towards the internet savvy candidate of today. We have daily updates of all the latest jobs, industry updates and weekly video content, as well as expanding our presence on social networking sites, meaning that we can have constant communication and feedback from you, the candidate.

 If you believe CK Science deserves to be recognised at the NORA’s; click here or the banner above, it will be greatly appreciated!

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Roche Set For More Profit Increase has reported that Roche is set to post “massive increase” in profits, according to an unnamed source.

On Thursday 21st July, Roche is expected to post profits margin increases that follow on from the 4% increase from 2010 throughout the first half of 2011.

Roche has been having to streamline the business; like many pharmaceutical companies have, meaning costs have been cut and some jobs have been lost, but the predicted increase should mean that Roche can balance out the costs and possibly be able to fill those jobs that have been lost in the next few years.

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Bid Could Create Thousands of Jobs in Runcorn

A science park in Runcorn is bidding to win Enterprise status and create thousands of jobs, reports

If the Daresbury Science and Innovation Park is granted this status, then it could generate up to 10,000 skilled jobs and lead to £150 million investment. Holton Council leader Clr Rob Polhill has said the status would “take Daresbury to the next level.”

Around 100 companies have offices, workshops and laboratories on the site, and the massive investment would mean that even more specialist office, lab and technical spaces would be developed. The site opened in 2006 and is a world class centre for cutting edge sciences and high-tech businesses.

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Environmental Chemists on the Rise

Environmental chemists are much needed in most jobs, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, reports

All industries need environmental officers to assess the effect the business has on the environment, and find ways to reduce that impact. The job essentially involves knowing the effects of chemicals (or whatever the business deals with) on the environment. For example, how can a pharmaceutical firm safely and effectively dispose of waste products or leftover stock?

Industries are taking a much more proactive role in environmental issues, so that the role of chemists is becoming prominent. Pharmaceutical, chemical and waste disposal industries all obviously need environmental chemists, but recently even IT firms are beginning to employ people to monitor their environmental impact. A solid grounding in chemistry is of great importance, and it is often recommended that those looking into such a role go on environmental courses.

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Pfizer Separate Divisions to Allow Growth

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s decision to separate certain divisions could lead to a larger break up in order for further growth, including in employment, reports

The splitting of the animal health and baby formula businesses from the main company is the beginning of a process to unlock value within the company. Two other sectors will be kept in order to raise their value to $46 billion combined, though investors had hoped the company would split into five distinct divisions.

The two that have broken off were the obvious choices; the animal health business is worth nearly $4 billion so can stand on its own, and the nutrition side is the one that investors were most eager to see separate.

Though some investors may be disappointed that Pfizer hasn’t split all its divisions at once, it means that sectors that could not currently compete on their own have time to grow to the point where they can be world leaders in their own right, potentially creating a large number of jobs worldwide.

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TryggPharma Re-opens Teeside Pharma Plant

TryggPharma of Norway is set to re-open a former Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals site in Seal Sands, creating 25 new pharmaceutical jobs, reports

A £14 million deal has been agreed in which Lundbeck will sell their site, which they closed during the recession. TryggPharma’s vice president of engineering Peter Harper has said the company is “very impressed with the facility [as it has] easy to access from Norway, Europe and our customers around the world”.

The facility is expected to employ 25 people within 12 months and the company has said there is a “commitment to invest and expand into the future of Teeside”. The North East Process Industry Cluster chief executive Stan Higgins has said the re-opening of the site is “great news for Teeside and for the pharmaceutical sector in particular”.

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Pfizer Retains Pharma Jobs in Kent

Drugs giant Pfizer has announced it will retain 350 jobs in a pharmaceutical sciences operation, whilst still going forward with the planned reduction of the research and development facility in Sandwich, Kent, the Independent reports.

Pfizer hopes the retention of a presence on the site will encourage investors and support the current development of products, despite the loss of around 2,000 jobs at the site. The company will also be working in tandem with Kent County Council in order to encourage other businesses and investors to settle on the site.

Pfizer has a long relationship with Sandwich stretching over 50 years, with a variety of medical discoveries being made there, including that of Viagra.

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Pfizer to Cut 2,400 Pharmaceutical Jobs

As reported by Sky News, the US Pharmaceutical company, Pfizer has this afternoon announced their plans to close their site in Sandwich, Kent, cutting up to 2,400 pharmaceutical jobs.

The research and development centre will be closing down over the next two years. Speaking of the closure, Dr Ruth McKernan, the company’s head stated, “It is with a deep sense of sadness that we announce our proposal to exit our site in Sandwich, Kent.

“It has played an important role in the discovery and development of medicines and has brought many life-saving treatments to patients.”

The closure is part of a plan by the pharma company to partake in a global restructuring programme in order to, “to create a more focused and sustainable R&D engine for innovation”.

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Roche to Cut 4800 Pharma Jobs

joblossesIt has been announced that the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, plans to cut 6 per cent of their global workforce over the next 2 years.  The pharmaceutical job cuts come in an effort by the pharma company to make annual costs savings totalling 2.4 billion Swiss Francs.

Speaking of the cost cutting initiative, CEO Severin Schwan stated it was designed to “to reinforce Roche’s long-term innovation capability in the face of increased price pressures and a more challenging market environment.”

The majority of the job cuts will hit the company’s pharmaceutical division and will ultimately lead to restructuring costs of approximately 2.7 billion. In addition, the sales and marketing workforce will be slashed by a total of 2650 positions, whilst several manufacturing sites in the US and Germany will be reorganised.

The development of preclinical research programmes will also be discontinued including that of cancer. However, the company will remain in its current therapeutic areas.


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CK Science and CK Clinical…The Perfect Merger

CK Science and CK Clinical…The Perfect MergerWe are proud to announce that as of 1st November 2010, the two specialist recruitment consultancies, CK Science and CK Clinical will be merging and will now be known as the CK Group.

We hope you will agree that this is great news for both clients and candidates alike. As the newly formed CK Group, we aim to deliver a world class recruitment service in a socially responsible and fun way. At the core of this will be our main company values of honesty, integrity and transparency.

Here at CK, we are extremely proud to have such a rich pool of internal talent that will continue to provide you with an even more polished specialist recruitment service. In fact, one of the key reasons for the merger was to make the best use of the skills of our senior management team and to offer further training to staff. As a result, we will be continuously building on our existing strengths whilst helping to develop areas in which we as a company can improve, thus ultimately provide you with the best recruitment service possible.

Speaking of the merger of CK Clinical and CK Science, newly appointed Managing Director, Jonathan Hart-Smith stated,

“The combination of CK Science and CK Clinical as the CK Associates Group is extremely good news for our customers and the candidates we help.

“This merger creates a powerful leader in the niche recruitment industry sector, with greatly expanded areas of recruitment and a wider client and candidate base.  This means clients only have to come to one place and candidates have twice as many job opportunities available to them from one company.

“I am genuinely excited when I say that this is a great opportunity for our clients both old and new to receive a consistent quality service from the one company and the CK brand.”

Please note, that as a result of the merger, CK Science and CK Clinical will retain these trading names and the group will be known as the CK Group. The corporate entity will retain the CK Associates Ltd name.

About CK Science

CK Science was founded in 1991 by Ashley Kirk and Liam O’Connell and specialises in the recruitment of permanent and contract scientific and engineering staff for the chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.

About CK Clinical

CK Clinical was founded in 2005 by Liam O’Connell, Ashley Kirk and Jonathan-Hartsmith. CK Clinical was founded to recruit any clinical discipline from Phase I to Phase IV and post marketed trials. The company has quickly grown to be one of the leading suppliers of clinical staff within the pharmaceutical sector.

Want to find out more? Contact Jonathan Hart-Smith, Managing Director, on 01438 743 047 or email

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Pharmaceutical Jobs at Risk in Nottingham

joblossesAs reported by the BBC News, the pharmaceutical company Vectura, has announced plans to close its site in Nottingham in a bid to cut costs. The plan could put many pharmaceutical jobs at risk.

Vectura has stated that the closure of their Ruddington Laboratories, which employ approximately 100 people could lead to a cost saving of £6 million in the next financial year.

Dr Chris Blackwell, Chief Executive of Vectura, said: “In a more cautious environment both in the sector and the economy, we believe it prudent to reduce the risk profile of Vectura while preserving the upside.

“We are accelerating our timelines to profitability and sustainable cash generation by refocusing and restructuring our R&D operations.

“This means reducing our cost base and focusing on nearer-term projects.

“The steps taken will help secure the best long-term future for Vectura.”

Vectura specialises in manufacturing inhaled medicines for the treatment of respiratory diseases. They have sites based in Witlshire and Cambridge.

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Sanofi Aventis Proposes Takeover of Genzyme

iStock_000006963239Medium[1]As reported by the Financial Times, the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Aventis, has made a preliminary takeover approach to the US biotech group, Genzyme.

It has been reported however that the approach does not constitute a formal proposal and the two companies are not currently in talks. However, Sanofi’s CEO Chris Viehbacher is reportedly considering using the company’s cash to partake in acquisitions in a bid to secure revenues as the patents on their existing drugs are set to expire.

The majority of Genzyme’s focus lies with orphan drugs – those which are used to treat rare conditions which affect a very small percentage of the population. These drugs there for come with high price tags – an attractive prospect for Sanofi.

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FDA to Decide the Future of GSK Drug Avandia

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Food and Drug Administration will convene on Tuesday to discuss the future of the diabetes drug Avandia.

The battle could spark a change in the way the FDA responds to drug safety concerns and the pharmaceutical industry is concerned it may lead to a delay in drug approvals.

Studies have shown that Avandia, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has been linked to increased risk of heart attack.

The FDA’s own scientists have concerns about the FDA’s drug division – some believe scientists believe the agency demand too much evidence of a drugs dangers before approving it.

Read more on the Wall Street Journal website.

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CK Team Building Day – Coghlans Cookery School

The CK Team donned their aprons earlier this month for the annual team building day.

A great day was had by all at Coghlans Cookery School in Chesterfield – where we cooked a gourmet 3 course lunch and canapés!

Lunch menu:

–          Spinach and ricotta ravioli with pesto

–          Chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes wrapped in parma ham

–          Focaccia bread

–          Tiramisu

–          Panna cotta


–          Chicken with peppers, garlic and olive oil

–          Confit of duck with mango chutney

–          Melon with mango salsa

Team spirit was high with each team dressing in their chosen team costumes – we had everything from chefs hats to bandanas and moustaches.

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Quintiles to Invest $2m in Prana Biotechnology

The biopharmaceutical services provider, Quintiles have announced that it will be investing up to $2m in the Australia-based Prana Biotechnology.

Quintiles has been involved with Prana’s work since the company was established in 1997. However, recently Quintiles has subscribed to Prana’s newly subscribed shares in a bid to help support a planned definitive Phase II study with PBT2 (Prana’s lead compound for Alzheimer’s disease).

Speaking of the investment, a spokesperson from Prana stated the company was “delighted to have secured an organisation of the calibre and influence of Quintiles as a significant shareholder and supporter of Prada’s therapeutic goals”.

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HR in Pharma Networking Event Preview – Mike Taylor

We are very pleased to welcome Mike Taylor as a guest speaker at the HR in Pharma Networking Event. Mike is the founder of Web-based Recruitment, and is an expert in the use of social media.

In the second of a 2 two-part series, Catherine Gutsell interviews Mike to find out a little more about what he plans to cover in his presentation on Friday 25th June.


The HR in Pharma Networking Event is the first event of its kind and the aim is to provide a useful insight into some current issues affecting you and your peers as well as giving you an opportunity to network with other HR professionals.

Interested in attending? Please contact Catherine Gutsell at to reserve your place now.


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