20% of UK Workforce has a Science Job

The Financial Times has reported that approximately one fifth of the UK workforce has a science based job.

5.8 million people are scientists or use science skills daily, the Science Council has discovered in a recent study. The number includes ‘secondary science workers’ such as nurses or software engineers. Scientists were found to be in industries as diverse as education, finance and farming, as well as more traditional scientific sectors, such as the chemical industry.

Chief executive of the Science Council, Diana Garnham, has said that secondary science roles can be “found literally everywhere in the economy.” The research indicates that by 2030, there could be over 7 million people involved in science in some way, prompting Diana Garnham to say “the research begins to explain… why there is such huge demand for people with science qualifications.”

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Science Placement Student Wins Research Award

David Liptrot, a student studying Chemistry at the University of Bath has been awarded Placement Student of the Year by ratemyplacement.co.uk.

During his placement year at AstraZeneca, David carried out work in synthetic research to improve access to compounds of potential therapeutic interest and was nominated by his University lecturer, Stever Roser.

Upon receiving the award, David stated ‘Finding new drugs is often very time consuming and can cost a great deal of money. The research involved looking at very small compounds that make up drugs and finding ways to improve how quickly and how many compounds are created.

This allows faster and more drug screening, effectively increasing the number of potential drugs that can be studied, and reduces the time taken and the overall cost of producing medicines.”

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