Variety in Science Grants to Benefit Research

Chemistry World has recently reported on a study into the effectiveness of the allocation of grant money to the scientific community.

The study, conducted by David Currie and Jean-Michel Fortin, biologists at the University of Ottawa, Canada, found that a series of smaller grants to a wider variety of people and institutions is more conducive to effective and meaningful research than large grants to the ‘elite’ in the scientific community. The conclusions of Currie and Fortin indicate that an increased monetary grant does not increase productivity.

Highly cited studies are seemingly unaffected by the level of funding received. The impact generally comes down to the quality of the researchers, regardless of career stage. Some more experienced scientists could have larger grants but less time to perform studies due to other commitments, such as teaching, and so cannot fully use the grant money. It would therefore be better to disseminate the money to a wider variety of researchers so that more diverse research could be performed.

Essentially, the money from grants is better used to improve the scientific community as a whole, rather than for the benefit a few specific areas of research. By funding the elite institutions, it is probably that the vitality and variety of scientific thought will be significantly dulled.

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Graduates – Great for Business!

Whilst experience is always a bonus, the hiring of graduates is also good for a successful business. Here are a few reasons why.


It may seem obvious, but an experienced person is going to want more money than a graduate, even if they are applying for the same position. To reduce annual company salaries it makes sense to hire the cheaper option.

Loyalty and Enthusiasm

The fact that you’ve hired a graduate and given them an initial taste of working life would tend to make them err on the side of gratuity. Carefully managed, this could translate into loyalty to your company. The inexperienced graduate would want to prove they can perform as best they can in their new job, possibly with little knowledge of the market and arguably their true worth. Should they turn out to be one of your better performers, managing them successfully could mean they stay for longer than they otherwise would.


New graduates are more likely to be adaptable and au fait with current and emerging technology. It could be better to have an employee who is more capable of throwing themselves into various fields of work, rather than an expert in just one or two. The ability to use new technology is also obviously a bonus, allowing your business to stay at the cutting edge of new developments.

These, plus other reasons that can be found on The Undercover Recruiter, are just a few reasons as to why graduates are excellent candidates to hire for your business.

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Shell Profits Allow For New Projects

The BBC has reported that oil and gas giant Shell recorded a 77% rise in profits in the second quarter of 2011.

The $8 billion profit is roughly double that of the same period in 2010, with the company attributing this to sales of assets in the first half of the year, amounting to $4 billion.

The sales were said to be a “key driver” in the reduction of costs and improvement of operating performance throughout the business. Shell has disclosed that production is down in the second quarter, though it also said that three large scale projects are beginning, increasing European imports and hopefully creating jobs. Chief Executive Peter Voser says that the “new projects should drive [Shell’s] financial performance in the coming quarters.”

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Seven Per Cent Fall in Graduate Job Vacancies

Pharmaceutical Jobs, Pharmaceutical Recruitment, UKAs reported by Reuters UK, following the recession, students graduating from university this Summer face one of the toughest graduate job markets in decades.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) reports that it is expected that for each graduate job vacancy, 70 individual candidates will apply, compared to 49 in 2009 and 31 in 2008.

In addition to this the number of graduate job vacancies available is set to fall by 7 per cent.

The AGR reports that competition for jobs is getting tougher  – with  78 per cent of employers demanding a minimum 2:1 qualification to even be considered.

The AGR Chief Executive stated, “Recruiters are under intense pressure this year dealing with a huge number of applications from graduates for a diminishing pool of jobs.”

In response, the National Union of Students (NUS) have called for increased investment in jobs for graduates, stating, “Graduates will be the engines of our economic recovery and the government must invest in creating the jobs and training opportunities so that this exceptional pool of talent does not stagnate.”

Official statistics indicated that one in ten students who graduated in the summer of 2009 have failed to secure a job.




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Increase in graduate science & engineering jobs

Graduate Science and Engineering JobsAs reported on the Independent website, according to research conducted by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, 40 per cent employers are planning to raise graduate recruitment this year. This could spark a rise in graduate science and engineering jobs.

The survey found that 60 per cent of the 100 companies surveyed said they are still open for applications, while 55 per cent said they had more confidence in the economy compared to three months ago. In addition, the careers website Graduate Prospects, have reported a 50 per cent increase in advertising from recruiters in January to April 2010, compared to the same period in 2009.

Chief Executive of Graduate Prospects, Mark Hill, stated, “Companies are taking on more graduates as the economy is rebounding. Graduates are not as well off as they were before the recession, but they are in a substantially better position. We hope and expect this trend to continue into 2011.”

Indeed the research and engineering company, Dyson, plans to double the number of engineers it employs, creating up to 350 opportunities for engineering graduates. The company head, James Dyson has highlighted the small number of female engineers in the UK and is said to be encouraging females to take on these new engineering graduate jobs. He stated, “We know that 4 per cent of teenage girls want to be engineers, 14 per cent want to be scientists, and 32 per cent want to be models. We need to change that attitude by improving the cultural recognition of science and engineering.”

His thoughts are further consolidated by Engineering UK, who have found that the UK has the lowest rate of female engineers in Europe. In fact, only 9 percent of engineering professionals are women, compared to 18 per cent in Spain, 26 per cent in Sweden and 20 per cent in Italy.

According to new research compiled by Engineering UK, the independent body that helps to promote engineers’ contribution to the UK, Britain has the lowest rate of female engineers in Europe. Only 9 per cent of our engineering professionals are women, compared to 18 per cent in Spain, 26 per cent in Sweden and 20 per cent in Italy.

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CK Award Prize at University of Hertfordshire

CK ScienceOn Friday 12th March 2010, CK Science, the leading independent scientific and engineering recruitment agency, visited The University of Hertfordshire, to award a prize to the best Industrial Placement Year.

The prize was awarded to Emily Rivers. Emily completed her placement year at Southend University Hospital. The placement was one that Emily successfully secured herself, and was unpaid.

In order to generate some much needed cash Emily made money by:

  • Training as a phlebotomist and working part-time in the clinic
  • Working as part-time Medical Laboratory Assistant in the evenings

Emily was holding down 3 jobs during her placement year. Despite this, she still successfully completed her portfolio well within the time period and impressively gained a Distinction at the City and Guilds Licentiateship. Speaking of her achievement, Emily’s supervisor said that she was an asset to the department and had the potential to “take her career far”.


Benefits of the Industrial Placement Year

Completing a placement year is a great way for students to not only gain invaluable work experience but also to  increase your employability. Research shows that 70 per cent of employers prefer students with work experience.

Taking a placement is also a useful way for you to explore possible career opportunities and help you make potentially valuable contacts to help you once you have graduated.

The University of Hertfordshire has a dedicated Graduate Futures Team to help students get placements within the scientific industry.


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Science Graduate Jobs

Congratulations! Exams are over and you now have a qualification in Science! Now what… Mum and Dad will soon be on your back wanting to know when you will get a “proper” science graduate job and those uni debts need clearing. There is only one thing for it – get a job. And since you spent 3 to 6 years of your life in the laboratory, why not use your new science qualification. CK Science always have a number science jobs that would be suitable for graduates. Ajay Patel, Manager of the CK Science office in the Southern branch currently has many jobs for science graduates , click here to see some vacancies

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