Quintiles to Create UK Jobs

Biopharmaceutical company Quintiles is looking to establish more UK sites, creating pharmaceutical and clinical jobs, reports pharmatimes.com.

The US company sees the UK as a good place for clinical trials and is hoping to open at least two more Prime Sites to go alongside the one at Queen Mary, University of London. Including two other current sites, Quintiles employs 2,000 people in the UK, a figure set to rise with the planned opening of the new Prime Sites.

Lindy Jones, Quintiles head of global integrated site services, says the UK is of “significant interested to us,” with fifty trials currently being run at the Queen Mary site. Jones believe that the UK “has opened up far more to clinical research” in the past eighteen months, meaning that Quintiles is considering opening “an additional two, maybe three Prime Sites in the UK.”

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Promising Scientists to Receive Grant

Cancer Research UK is making an investment into clinical research, reports cslrecruitment.com.

A £12 million grant is to be made to ten promising researchers who are expected to become prominent in the field of cancer. It is intended to assist with the researcher’s careers and possible breakthroughs they could make. Two leading university lecturers, four scientists and four junior research scientists will be the recipients of the grant.

Applicants are being taken, with the deadline at the end of July drawing closer. Dr David Scott, director of science funding at Cancer Research UK, believes the grants show his organisation “is serious about supporting new scientists at the start of their careers.”

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Computational Biologist Job – Scotland

Carrie Ann at CK Science is currently helping her client, an expanding bioinformatics company recruit for an experienced Computational Biologist to join their team based in Scotland.

The company:

This company provides genomic and bioinformatic data analysis to the pharmaceutical industries.

The job:

This bioinformatics company is looking for an experienced Computational Biologist (s) or Bioinformation(s) with formal training in biological sciences.

The successful candidate:

This successful candidate for this Computational Biologist position must be computer literate and competent using software packages and have experience in dealing with large quantities of high-throughput genomics data. You will also be qualified to degree level, ideally to MSc or PhD level or equivalent industry experience.

To be considered for this role, you must also have experience of working in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and be well organised with good communication skills. Within this Computational Biologist role, you will also be required to interface directly with clients and be expected to lead a number of data analysis projects simultaneously.

Apply now

For more information, or to apply for this Computational Biologist position, please contact Carrie Ann Bell at CK Science on 0191 384 8905 or email bsmith@ckscience.co.uk.

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Bid Could Create Thousands of Jobs in Runcorn

A science park in Runcorn is bidding to win Enterprise status and create thousands of jobs, reports runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk.

If the Daresbury Science and Innovation Park is granted this status, then it could generate up to 10,000 skilled jobs and lead to £150 million investment. Holton Council leader Clr Rob Polhill has said the status would “take Daresbury to the next level.”

Around 100 companies have offices, workshops and laboratories on the site, and the massive investment would mean that even more specialist office, lab and technical spaces would be developed. The site opened in 2006 and is a world class centre for cutting edge sciences and high-tech businesses.

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Sheffield Waste Recycling Plant to Create Jobs

The Yorkshire Post has reported that 20 jobs will be created at a waste plastic recycling plant in Sheffield.

Kevin Parkin has successfully transformed the fortunes of several companies, and has decided to launch his own businesses. One of said businesses is R3 Products, which will treat mixed and unsorted plastics before selling it on as building products.

Mr Parkin has estimated that they “will employ 20 people within the first year of operation” before adding that the UK industry needs “to be in a position where we can compete with Chinese manufacturers.”

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TryggPharma Re-opens Teeside Pharma Plant

TryggPharma of Norway is set to re-open a former Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals site in Seal Sands, creating 25 new pharmaceutical jobs, reports peterleemail.com.

A £14 million deal has been agreed in which Lundbeck will sell their site, which they closed during the recession. TryggPharma’s vice president of engineering Peter Harper has said the company is “very impressed with the facility [as it has] easy to access from Norway, Europe and our customers around the world”.

The facility is expected to employ 25 people within 12 months and the company has said there is a “commitment to invest and expand into the future of Teeside”. The North East Process Industry Cluster chief executive Stan Higgins has said the re-opening of the site is “great news for Teeside and for the pharmaceutical sector in particular”.

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Anti-Aging Drug Discovered

research team has discovered a new pharmaceutical on Easter Island which could be used to reverse the effects of aging, the Telegraph reports.

A chemical discovered in the soil of the island has been used to create Rapamycin which, when tested on children suffering from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), a disease which prematurely ages children, helped clear their cells of defects.

Researchers are already looking into the possibility of providing the drug to a wider market, after similarities between normal aging and HGPS were discovered. Dimitri Krainc, an author of the study into Rapamycin, believes a small dose of the drug can “extend the health and life span of our cells and organs”.

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Recycling Cutbacks Could Lead to Lack of Jobs

LetsRecycle.com has reported that Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman’s June Waste Review could lead to a lack of investment and jobs in the UK waste industry due to the scrapping of specific recycling targets being set.

Attacks by shadow Environment Secretary Jamie Reed indicate that England’s target of 50% household waste recycling is too low compared to the rest of the UK, with Scotland and Wales aiming for 70% of waste being recycled by 2025, creating thousands of jobs in the waste industry. Mr Reed has asked whether Mrs Spelman will “publish an assessment of how many English jobs will not now be created… as a result of her decision”.

Mrs Spelman has said that the 50% recycling target meets EU regulations and will lead to a greater emphasis on the management of landfills. These would create waste industry jobs in areas where they are needed, according to the councils that need such schemes, rather than forcing them upon certain areas.

Mr Reed replied to these comments by stating that the government has abandoned recycling targets in England which would help to “rebalance the economy” and have therefore begun “deterring investment” in the waste industry.

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Life Science Jobs Created at the University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen, Life Sciences Jobs, UK, ScotlandAs announced by First Minister Alex Salmond, the University of Aberdeen is to receive £2.6m of funding which is set to create dozens of life science jobs in Aberdeen.

The money will come from the European Regional Development Fund and will be used to fund a new life sciences business project. This project is set to create 69 life science jobs in Aberdeen.

The funding is part of a £9.3m imitative across Scotland which is expected to create 740 jobs. Mr Salmond said: “Scotland continues to make an immense contribution to shaping the modern world through innovation and this £2.6m investment in the University of Aberdeen’s new £5.8m life science facility will support the area’s expanding life sciences industry.”

Prof Stephen Logan, senior vice-principal for the University of Aberdeen, said: “Funding for the building is further evidence of the region’s growing reputation as a centre of excellence for life sciences.”

Other universities that will receive funding will include Napier University in Edinburgh and the University of Strathclyde.

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University of Reading’s Science Park has Go-Ahead

rdg_logoAs reported on the BBC News website, plans put forward by the University of Reading to build a new state of the art science and innovation park in Berkshire have been given the green light.

The park is set to create many science jobs and according to a spokeswoman from Wokingham Borough Council, it will “bring together innovative knowledge and local and international technology-based business communities”.

Professor Gordon Marshall, the university’s vice chancellor, said: “The University of Reading contributes, at a conservative estimate, over £600m to the regional economy every year.

“The new science and innovation park will ensure that impact continues to grow and delivers tangible benefits to the local and regional economy.”

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CK Award Prize at University of Hertfordshire

CK ScienceOn Friday 12th March 2010, CK Science, the leading independent scientific and engineering recruitment agency, visited The University of Hertfordshire, to award a prize to the best Industrial Placement Year.

The prize was awarded to Emily Rivers. Emily completed her placement year at Southend University Hospital. The placement was one that Emily successfully secured herself, and was unpaid.

In order to generate some much needed cash Emily made money by:

  • Training as a phlebotomist and working part-time in the clinic
  • Working as part-time Medical Laboratory Assistant in the evenings

Emily was holding down 3 jobs during her placement year. Despite this, she still successfully completed her portfolio well within the time period and impressively gained a Distinction at the City and Guilds Licentiateship. Speaking of her achievement, Emily’s supervisor said that she was an asset to the department and had the potential to “take her career far”.


Benefits of the Industrial Placement Year

Completing a placement year is a great way for students to not only gain invaluable work experience but also to  increase your employability. Research shows that 70 per cent of employers prefer students with work experience.

Taking a placement is also a useful way for you to explore possible career opportunities and help you make potentially valuable contacts to help you once you have graduated.

The University of Hertfordshire has a dedicated Graduate Futures Team to help students get placements within the scientific industry.


Completed an Industrial Placement Year in Science? Register with CK Science Now!

CK Science is a leading independent scientific recruitment agency for science jobs. We successfully help some of the top scientific, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from around the world to recruit high calibre individuals to their science jobs.

We are always on the look out for science graduates who have completed an industrial placement year. If you are an experienced graduate looking for your dream job in science, register with CK Science here.


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GSK Team Up with the University of Manchester

Science JobsIn partnership with the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, scientists at the University of Manchester and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will be working together to investigate how the biological clock controls inflammation in lung diseases, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

It is hoped that the £500,000 study, which will be funded by GSK, will lead to the development of new drugs that will target how the internal body clock regulates the severity of inflammation. The team at the University of Manchester will be headed up by Professors Andrew Loudon, David Ray and Kath Else. This team will work closely with colleagues in the Discovery Biology group at GSK.

Speaking of the collaboration, Professor Loudon or the faculty of life sciences, stated:

“Many inflammatory diseases are highly rhythmic in presentation and often worse at night. We believe there is also a strong rhythmic control. It has long been speculated that asthma and other inflammatory conditions have an underlying clock mechanism controlling the severity of the disease. These clocks are all over the body, including in cells responsible for the immune response in the lung. In addition the way we metabolise drugs is highly rhythmic. Our aim is to gain a sufficient understanding of this process so we can target key parts with specific new drugs.

“We are working with GSK not only to develop new drugs to alleviate symptoms but also reveal optimal timing of therapy, known as chronotherapy. This is a new and exciting area of research. It is being taken very seriously in France, for example, where researchers have for some time been studying the importance of timing of chemotherapy in cancer. This study is just one at the beginning of an exciting new phase in circadian rhythm research.”

Inflammatory diseases of the lung are a major cause of mortality world-wide. In the case of COPD, the progression of this inflammatory disease is irreversible once commenced. In the UK 27,478 people died as a result of COPD in 2004. Other diseases with an inflammatory aspect include asthma, which is a predisposition to chronic inflammation of the lungs in which the airways are reversibly narrowed.

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Technical Manager based in the North-Mid Wales/ North West of England Area

Our client, a key player within the Chemical Sector, are currently looking for a Technical Manager to join their team based in the North-Mid Wales/North West of England area.Technical Manager will lead the technical department ensuring it effectively and efficiently meets the current and future needs of the business.

The roles and responsibilities of this Technical Manager position will include:

  • Leading and managing the Technical and Laboratory Functions.
  • Ensuring efficient management systems, working practices and reporting systems are in place.
  • To reorganise the department into a flexible, efficient resource that meets the varying technical needs of the business – today and tomorrow.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities within the Technical Department and introduce management by objectives, appraisals and similar techniques to monitor and manage performance and outputs.
  •  Keep abreast of legislative and technology changes and manage the threats and / or opportunities they bring.
  • Establish first class housekeeping, health and safety, MSDS management and similar laboratory procedures.

The ideal candidate for this Technical Manager position will possess an HNC qualification in chemistry or degree in chemistry (or equivalent). Previous experience of working with formulations/ coatings/ paints in a laboratory environment is essential and the candidate will be expected to possess excellent communication, problem solving, leadership, planning and organisation skills and be a good team player. A knowledge of industrial and marine coatings is also desirable but is not essential. Candidates must be eligible to work in the EEA.


How to Apply

To hear more or to apply for this Technical Manager role, please contact Victoria Walker on 0114 283 9956 vwalker@ckscience.co.uk. Please quote reference SH19409 in all correspondence.

Alternatively, click here to apply for this Technical Manager job now.

If you do not hear back from us within 5 working days of your application for this role, it means that on this occasion you have not been shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment campaign.


About CK Science

CK Science is the largest independent scientific recruitment company in the UK. Our team of specialist recruiters are here to help you achieve your career ambitions within the scientific industry. We actively offer you careers advice, help with writing your CV, assistance with interview preparation and up-to-date information about the industry. We pride ourselves on providing an honest, straight-forward and trustworthy service to both our clients and candidates.

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Increase Investment in Science to Boost Economy

scienceAccording to a report by The Royal Society, if the UK does not invest heavily in science and scientific research, it will face decades of sluggish economic decline.

The report warned that Britain’s current advantage is in danger of being wiped out by the US, China, India, France and Germany who have increased spending in science to help boost their economies. For instance, the German government has said it will increase their budget for education and research by 12bn Euros by 2013.

Sir Martin Taylor, chair of the report’s advisory group stated: “As France announces a new €35bn investment in the knowledge economy, the UK cuts university budgets by £600m, with the threat of more to come.

“The UK has been in the top two of the scientific premier league for the last 350 years. It would seem obvious that politicians would recognise the need to invest in this competitive advantage rather than cutting funds.”

Lord Waldegrave, former Science Minister and provost of Eton College said: “Times are tough but this is exactly when you need to invest in the future and focus spending where you already have an advantage.

“Investment in science cannot be turned on and off on a political whim – we must have a long-term investment. If we cut science now, just as the benefits of nearly twenty years of consistent policy are really beginning to bear fruit, we will seriously damage our economic prospects.”

The report praises the fact that patents granted to UK universities have increase by 136% between 2000 and 2008, and that university spin outs employed 14,000 people in 2007/2008 with a turnover of £1.1bn. However, it seems that research and development is a weakness for the UK – in 2007 British companies spent 1.14% of GDP on R&D while in the US spent 1.9% and Germany 1.8%.

Experts in the field recommend the following to help remedy the situation:

  • Creating a 15 year framework for science and innovation with increased spending.
  • Prioritising investment in scientific skills and infrastructure, such as laboratories and equipment.
  • Better aligning science and innovation with global challenges.
  • Revitalising science and mathematics education.
  • And expanding the R&D tax credit.

Lord Sainsbury, the former science minister and member of the advisory group said: “We cannot compete with countries such as China and India on the basis of low wages, and science and innovation must, therefore, be the basis of the strategy for growth which we need to have as we go into a tough period of fiscal consolidation.”

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Napp Announced as 5th Best Company to Work for 2010

Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2010Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings, part of a worldwide association of independent pharmaceutical companies, has been announced as the 5th best company to work for by The Sunday Times. This is the first time in the 4 years the company has entered the contest, that they have broken into the top 5.

According to the survey conducted by The Sunday Times, one in five employees at Napp has worked at the company for over a decade. Further impressive findings include:

  • 84% of staff believe the company makes a difference to the world.
  • 83% love working for the company and are happy with their pay and benefits.
  • 69% of staff believe they are paid fairly for the work they do relative to others in the organization.
  • 71% say their salary reflects their responsibilities.
  • 77% of staff report that Managers regularly express their appreciation when a team member does a good job.
  • 80% believe that working at Napp is good for personal growth.

This positive culture at Napp has been the product of Managing Director, Antony Mattessich. He introduced the company ‘charter’ which established four core aims of the organization. This initiative allows employees to have their say on the direction of the business, giving them the freedom to discuess with the departments as to how they can help the firm meet its objectives.

Julie Worth, Area Sales Manager, has been part of the charter group. “It just amazed me — I was actually having a say in how the business was run,” she says. “You’re working with directors and you learn that people are genuinely approachable. They really listen.”

Mattessich’s positive impact on the company was reflected in the results of the survey conducted by The Sunday Times:

  • 73% of employees agree that senior managers listen to staff.
  • 81% feel inspired by Mattessich’s leadership.
  • 87% of employees are proud to work for the company.

So, what in your opinion makes a company a good place to work? Please feel free to share your comments and stories below.

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GC Analyst based in the North East of England


Our client is an environmental testing laboratory that provides analytical services for a range of clients who are based in the North East of England.

This company is currently looking for an analytical chemist to join their team to work mainly on GC but also in other analytical instrumentation as and when required. As a GC Analyst, you may also be required to provide support to other chemists within the team and provide general support around the laboratory.

The ideal candidate for this GC Analyst role must be qualified to a minimum HNC in chemistry or related scientific subject or possess equivalent industrial experience with some experience of working with GC.

If you would like to hear more about this GC Analyst role, please contact Barney Smith on 0191 384 8905 or email bsmith@ckscience.co.uk. Please quote reference DH19335 in all correspondence.

Alternatively, click here to apply for this GC Analyst job now.


About CK Science

CK Science is the largest independent scientific recruitment company in the UK. Our team of specialist recruiters are here to help you achieve your career ambitions within the scientific industry. We actively offer you careers advice, help with writing your CV, assistance with interview preparation and up-to-date information about the industry. We pride ourselves on providing an honest, straight-forward and trustworthy service to both our clients and candidates.

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