Steelmaking returns to the North creating 1700 jobs

The Engineer has reported that steelmaking is returning to the North East after a two year absence. Thai company Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) have reopened Redcar Steelworks.

The blast furnace at Redcar’s former Corus plant commercial property was relit in a ceremony that brought cheers from the assembled workers. The area has been associated with steelmaking for over a century and a half, but it seemed it was the end of an era when the plant The opening was made possible by the acquisition of the Redcar industrial property by Thai company Sahaviriya Steel Industries, who will now run the plant under the name of SSI UK.

This has created 1,700 jobs, including those for many workers who had previously worked at the commercial property. It is expected that this will rise in order to meet the target of producing 3.6 million tonnes of steel for export to South East Asia by the end of the year.

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