Scientists Warn of UK Brain Drain

Science Jobs, Scientific Recruitment, UKAs reported on the Times Online website, the UK faces a brain drain as young scientists flee to other countries to find new science jobs.

The UK has failed to respond to recent funding in science in America, Germary and France.

  • America: $100 billion investment in science, science funding will still increase by 5.9% per year.
  • France: Investment in scientific research increased by $47 billion.
  • Germany: By 2013 an extra $16 million will be spend on science.

In a letter to The Times, 28 Fellows of the Royal Society said that strong UK investment in science is essential for the country’s economic recovery. Its signers included included Cosmochemistry pioneer Grenville Turner of the University of Manchester and Planetary Scientist Colin Pillinger of the Open University.

The scientists credited the Labor Party for doubling the spending on scientific research in the past decade. However, they were alarmed by the fact that neither the Labor, Conservative or Liberal Democrat parties have committed to maintaining funding in science beyong the UK general election on May 6th. In fact, Labor have announced cuts of more than $900 million in university research budgets, whilst the Conservatives have said that major science budget cuts were “inevitable” regardless of which party wins the election.

It is feared that if the next government plans to cut funding in science to contain its $274 billion national debt, then it is like that the UK could face a brain drain of scientific talent to the United States.

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