A New Way of Delivering Drugs to the Brain

As reported by the BBC, scientists at the University of Oxford have developed a breakthrough way of delivering drugs to the brain.

One of the main challenge when it comes to diseases of the brain is getting treatment across the blood-brain barrier and it is hoped that this new development could be key in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Alzheimer’s.

The team of scientists at the University of Oxford used exosomes from mouse dentritic cells to cross that barrier. Studies found a 60% reduction in gene’s activity and it is hoped that the method could be modified to treat other conditions across the body. Lead Researcher, Dr Matthew Wood stated,  “We are working on sending exosomes to muscle, but you can envisage targeting any tissue. It can also be made specific by changing the drug used.”

Research will now test the treatment on mice with Alzheimer’s and see if their condition changes. It is hoped that trials will begin on human patients within  five years.

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