Sanofi plans to cut R&D jobs

As reported by Business Week, the French Pharma company, Sanofi may be cutting US and EU science jobs.

The news comes as a result of a reorganisation of their R&D operations following their acquisition of Genzyme, as well as the loss of exclusivity on key drugs.

Sanofi plans to group their R&D into four ‘research hubs’ to be based in the US (Boston). France, Germany and Asia. It is hoped that this move will help to improve communication between teams and help integrate R&D operations.

As a result, both sales and R&D jobs will be cut, however, there is no news yet as to exactly how many jobs will be cut.

Like other pharmaceutical companies, in recent times, Sanofi has been taking strides to cut back staff in more mature markets (e.g. Europe and US) and is concentrating on strengthening it’s workforce in emerging markets. In fact, since 2008, Sanofi has created more that 3,700 jobs in these countries.

This news comes just as The Wall Street Journal, reports a 26 per cent rise in Sanofi’s third quarter profit which was boosted by sales in emerging markets.

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