Recruiting Whilst Socially Distanced: Our Top Tips

As the reality of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic starts to dawn, many of us are looking at our businesses and our jobs and beginning to assess what we can do to maintain or restart company activities. Social distancing measures are likely going to be in place for some time, in order to protect the UK’s people and vital healthcare service.

How can we, and our teams, stay productive whilst also embracing the safety demands of social distancing?

Many of our clients work to develop new medicines, technology or life enhancing products that are in high demand now, and will be in the future. It is promising to see that many of the companies we work with are finding new ways to ensure that the recruitment, selection and onboarding of talent maintains its momentum through these challenging times.

Here are 6 activities that you might like to consider in order to do this too:

Conducting telephone and video interviews

We are all now using a range of technologies that only a few months ago we had very little experience with. Many, if not most, of our clients are now conducting at least one stage of their interview and selection process virtually. Utilising this technology is convenient, minimises the need for travel or unnecessary physical interaction and is becoming increasingly natural.

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Using electronic tests

If your recruitment and selection process involves candidate assessments, for example numeracy, logic or psychometric tests, there are lots of tools that enable these to be completed remotely. Typically, assessments would be carried out under test conditions at the interview venue, however these platforms allow both parties to remain safe. Get in touch with us to find out how we can facilitate the set-up of this for you here.

Reviewing infrastructure for remote working 

It goes without saying that many of us are accustomed to working from home now, and you may want to consider continuing a remote working system in the future. This comes with the advantage of fewer fixed overheads, access to talent outside your business’s immediate geographical footprint and access to talent that appreciate the flexibility home working provides. Many clients report greater productivity due to the elimination of office distractions and commutes, although this highlights the need for self-motivation and self-discipline skills.

Using recruiters

If you are short on time and unable to conduct a multitude of interviews, but still value a robust recruitment process, this is where recruitment agencies such as CK Technical can help. Recruiters can conduct first stage interviews for your business, therefore reducing the burden, saving time and lessening the necessary contact physical contact with candidates.

Conducting a remote onboarding process

Onboarding candidates remotely can be done in a number of ways, benefitting both parties. Our clients are using a number of steps including:

  • Remote ID checks and verification – asking for a copy of ID or proof of right to work to be sent digitally, and then using a video conferencing platform to verify the new employee’s identity.
  • Electronic signatures – many contracts can be signed digitally without the need for a lengthy process.
  • Video inductions – some companies are sending laptops and telephones preloaded with remote working, induction and conferencing tools to new employees to allow them get up to speed.

Read our article on how to onboard candidates remotely here.

Utilising contract staff

Here at CK we are seeing spikes in demand for certain types of contract staff in order to help businesses keep up with the production of vital medical devices, medication and safety equipment. Employing temporary members of staff is beneficial for fast-paced, innovative organisations and allows for better management of evolving requirements.


If you would like more information about how our tips are being applied in a practical setting, or would like to find out to find out more about how we can help you please find out contact details for getting in touch here. 

Or, find more employer advice here.


Jon Hart Smith - CEO

Author: Jonathan Hart-Smith


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