North East scientists develop five a day fruit and veg test

As reported by The Journal Live, Scientists at the universities of Aberystwyth and Newcastle have developed a simple urine test to check whether or not patients are eating the recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day.

The prototype urine test can reveal what patients have been eating over the past week by identifying chemical fingerprints of substances that have been created by different foods. So far, chemical fingerprints have been found food fruit and veg such as raspberries, orange juice and broccoli.  The team of scientists believe that soon each food group will be identifiable and that a dip stick test will be available within the next five years.

Speaking of the test, Professor John Draper who lead the team of scientists at Aberystwyth university stated, “It should mean that for the first time researchers will be able to say for certain which items of food help protect against specific diseases, and those that can seriously increase the chance of getting a particular disease.”

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