Nanotechnology And the 3Rs

In November 2005, a broad partnership of European industry associations, including those from the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, crop protection and detergent sectors, agreed a landmark ‘Three Rs Declaration’ with the European Commission to reduce and replace animal use in testing. This partnership is co-operating on developing alternative approaches to improve and validate alternative methods and to foster innovation in alternative testing.The application of nanotechnology is leading the way in this field and in the spirit of the European Directive an important 2 day conferance is being run by the Institute of Nanotechnology, to examine the role this area of science and other technologies can play in bringing innovation and improvement to alternatives to animal testing and the 3Rs. This field is expected to lead to the creation of a whole new rane of jobs in science and technology.

The conference will investigate the properties of materials at nanoscale to bring new insights into development of in-vitro methods, showcase the most promising alternative methods and strategies based on nano technologies while bringing together the worlds leading experts in the development of alternative.

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