Leicester scientists-produce plastic from eggshells

CNN reported that scientists from the University of Leicester are currently working on a project creating plastic from eggshells.

The aim of the current project is to adapt the proteins found in egg shells called glycosaminoglycans to create a starch-based plastic that could then “bulk up” existing plastics and be turned into anything from shop fitting to supermarket meal trays. One aim is for recycled shell to be used in protective packaging for eggs.

Just Egg, a UK-based mayonnaise and hard-boiled egg manufacturer, uses around 1.3 million eggs every week, creating around 10 tons of eggshell waste. According to the firm, it spends approximately £30,000 ($48,000) each year sending nearly 500 tons of shells to landfills.

Therefore if the egg shells could be recycled it would be environmentally better and could save on waste management.

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