June’s Report on Jobs provides positive outlook for the science industry

The latest KMPG/REC Report on Jobs for June has recently been published and it contains very positive results if you are looking for a new role. Overall the demand for both permanent and temporary staff has continued to grow across all industrial sectors.

It is particularly interesting in the scientific fields to see the growth in permanent vacancies continue to outstrip the growth in temporary roles, once again demonstrating the confidence to invest in new staff in our industry. The main regions where growth in vacancies has pushed ahead have  been the Midlands followed closely by London and the South East.

However as a consequence of the increase in vacancies across the scientific sector and the reduction in the numbers unemployed there has been a tightening in the labour market with a great reduction in the number of candidates available for employment in sciences particularly in the South East. This has been mirrored by an increase in pay pressure, both in the permanent and temporary fields, and we are now slowly starting to see salaries within the science industries increasing.

Overall this is very positive news if you are looking for a new role. However the report  once again highlights the need for companies who are recruiting to be aware of the need to offer competitive packages to ensure they can attract the highest calibre candidates for their vacancies.

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Scientist drawing a chemical structure