Is it time to call it quits?

You spend on average a third of your life at work, so making sure you enjoy your job (most of the time!) is essential for your well-being.

Work can sometimes be stressful and hard, but when it gets unsatisfying it may be time to say enough is enough. But this is easier said than done.

Are you undecided about whether to stay or go? We’ve come up with the following list of questions to help you make that ever-so-important decision.


Are you working towards certain aims?

Having a goal to progress towards is vital to keep yourself motivated.

Whether it is working towards getting a promotion, a bonus or aspiring to move abroad with your company, having these aims will stimulate you to keep trying your best.

If your company doesn’t offer opportunities or progression, your work life can get monotonous pretty quickly, leaving you feeling deflated.

Furthermore, being in a job that isn’t helping you progress can stunt your career path, and the longer you stay the harder it will be in future to get back on track.

So ask yourself – is your job repetitive, unchallenging and not leading anywhere? Maybe now is the time to reconsider.


Do you feel passionate about what you are doing?

To be successful you need to be passionate about what you are doing.

If that passion has faded over the years and you no longer feel enthusiastic about your projects, it may be time for a fresh start.

Whether you just need a change of scenery to regain your passion, or whether you need a complete career switch, finding a new job could help you rekindle your passion.


Do you feel like work affects your mental health?

Do you spend your weekend dreading Mondays? Do you come home feeling depressed or exhausted on a regular basis?

Feeling down because of work can lead to mental health issues such as depression. To avoid this situation it is essential to spot the warning signs early on and make a change before it is too late. No job is worth sacrificing your health for.


Is your job affecting your relationships?

Following on from the point above, if you are suffering because of your job this can also have some seriously negative affects on your social life and relationships.

If you are hardly at home or are stressed when you are, this can put a strain on your relation with your partner, children and friends. Is your job really worth it?


Do you appreciate your peers, boss and management team?

When you spend so much time with your peers, it becomes very important to be able to tolerate them. They create your working environment, and if you don’t appreciate the way they do things maybe it just isn’t the right environment for you.

However, above all, getting along with your boss is vital. Your boss dictates your projects, your success and your progress. If you feel disappointed by their actions you can be left feeling demotivated to work for them.

Likewise, if you don’t trust your company’s management team you can easily start wondering why you ever worked there in the first place.


Do you have faith in your company?

Another good reason to be questioning leaving a company is if you think it might be on its last leg.

Companies are not invincible, and only a third of small companies survive over 10 years. If your company is suffering it may be worth leaving before the bitter end.

A few signs to look out for: management suddenly gets very fussy about expenses and starts having a lot of closed-door meetings.


Of course, these are not the only reasons you might quit a job, but essentially the question to ask yourself is ‘are you happy?’.

Life is too short to waste time at a job that doesn’t satisfy you.

If you think the grass is greener on the other side CK is here to help you make that next move. Whether you just want to browse jobs and see what’s out there, or whether you need advice, why not visit our website. You can also sign up to CK + to easily get access to any new jobs relevant to your requirements.

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