How to find the right talent

With the average job seeker looking at 7.6 job sites to find the best available job openings, attracting the right talent for your organisation is now harder than ever.

Gone are the days of just posting your job openings on job boards and hoping for the best. If you really want to hire the top talent out there it will require much more work.

Companies are now expected to actively put themselves out there to attract the right people. This is time consuming and needs a dedicated team and hefty budget.

An alternative is to avoid the hassle and partner with a specialist recruitment company.

Here are some key reasons why partnering with a specialist recruitment company could give you that much needed competitive edge.


Help with your employer branding

A potential candidate will judge a company based on their employer branding. They need to imagine themselves working there as well as understand the company’s culture and what the job will entail.

Larger organisations may have the budget to create a whole recruitment branding campaign, but for others it is not that simple.

By partnering with an agency, they can get to know your company and in turn represent you appropriately to candidates, giving these potential employees a real insight into your business -current job openings, benefits and career progression as well as a feel for the culture.


Knowledge of the market

Specialist recruitment companies like CK Science know the ins and outs of the industries they work in. It is their job to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments. They can provide you with expertise and guidance based on their past experiences.

They can help you figure out how to reach the sort of candidate suitable for your job opening, how to set appropriate salary rates and the potential issues that could arise etc.


Access to candidates

Probably the main advantage of working with a leading specialist recruitment company is that we readily have available candidates, with the right expertise, registered with us.

At CK, thanks to our reputation and tools such as CK+ we have direct access to an impressive pool of talent with specific skills related to the science industries.

In addition, recruitment companies tend to have good relationships with job boards – getting good value adverts in prime positions.


A search partner

The right candidate may not be actively looking for a new job and therefore will not come across your job opening. A recruitment partner like CK Science will actively go seeking talent that may currently be in employment and not looking right now.


Time saved

On average 250 people apply for every role. Unfortunately, nothing guarantees that any of those applications will be fruitful.

This also means it takes up an enormous amount of time sifting through all the CVs, to make a selection and to carry out interviews. By working with a recruitment company, you can skip all the admin and only see the selected final few candidates.

This gives the HR manager, or whoever deals with hiring, the time to do other more pressing tasks.


Over time, partnering with a recruitment company will provide even bigger benefits. As they get to know your company, understand your needs and gain your trust, the recruiting process will become smoother and quicker. A company like CK Science will quickly get to understand the types of candidates you are looking for and find you exact matches every time.

For more information on partnering with CK Science to find the right candidates for you, contact us here.

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