How to be a good Manager

No matter what industry you work in, be that a science industry or otherwise, how you manage your staff is an essential part of helping your team be contented, happy and successful. Below are a few tips to help you improve your management style:


Communication is key to being a successful manager, no matter which industry you work in. It is essential that each member of your team is fully aware of what is expected of them. Make sure you communicate in a clear and concise manner and answer any questions asked.


You might be hearing what your employees have to say, but are you really listening to them? To get the most out of your employees you need to completely understand their needs and expectations.

Stay positive

Focusing on the negatives without recognising positive achievements is a big no no. By staying positive, your employees will be more motivated and your team is more likely to succeed.

Avoid favouritism

Once it has been recognised that a manager has obvious favourites, he or she will instantly lose credibility and respect within the team.

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