How do you recruit and retain staff?

How you recruit and retain staff successfully is a modern day enigma.  With candidates in short supply, wages being driven up and your skilled staff suddenly looking like they may take advantage of the situation to improve their own circumstances, its a constant struggle to keep your teams at full capacity. But what do you do? What is the best approach?

One of our CK consultant’s has written an article on the subject which provides an overview on the pharmaceutical industry, an analysis of the changes that have occurred over the last few years, how recruitment has adapted to reflect these changes and most importantly, how to retain the quality staff you have working for you.

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This article is our latest release from our drug discovery and development spotlight which aims to highlight everything the sector has to offer, from highlighting the variety of careers available to help attract new candidates, to an infographic on how to improve your recruitment processes, not to mention a series of articles aimed at supporting employers in the sector.  Take a look here


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