Have you seen our chemical industry infographic?

We have created a timeline infographic that presents highlights of the history of the chemical industry from 1660 to where we are today. Beginning with the creation of the Royal Society, to Joshua Ward commencing small scale production of sulphuric acid to the formation of British Dyestuffs Corporation in 1919, to today where the chemical industry is forecast to turnover £56 billion by the end of 2015.

It also spotlights key achievements of the chemical industry and how we benefit from these today in a “do you know” format. Such as “the pantheon in Rome was built over 2000 years ago and is still the world’s largest, unreinforced concrete dome, the Romans were largely responsible for for what we think of as modern concrete” and “for every tonnes of greenhouse gases the emitted by the global chemistry industry, its technologies and products enable over 2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions” amongst others.

See the chemical industry infographic here


This infographic is part of our Chemical Careers campaign.  The chemical industry is the UK’s top exporter, and growing at a rate of 3% the chemical industry’s demand for new workers has grown exponentially, along with the need for multi-skilled employees. As such this campaign aims to promote the benefits of working within the chemical industries to new entrants, and also those who already work within the science, IT or engineering profession and do not realise how transferable their skills are.


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