GSK to Pay Trainee Tuition Fees

As reported by The Telegraph, The global pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is to pay up to £27,000 university tuition fees for 50 to 100 of their graduate trainees. They are the first company to announce help recruits in this way.

The company’s chief executive, Andrew Witty announced the news on Sky News. He stated that the scheme was not restricted to scientists, chemists and pharmacists, but will also be available to lawyers, economists and all of the other top class graduates that could help the pharmaceutical company.  He said, “The biggest reason we are doing this is that we want to get the absolute best possible graduates we can to work for GSK,” he told the programme. This is a great way for us to try and ensure we get that next brilliant scientist.”

As of next year, university tuition fees will triple for undergraduates so this is great news for budding scientists who are interested in working in the Pharmaceutical industry.

It is hoped that the announcement of GSK’s scheme will will encourage other companies to follow suit and help their recruits with crippling tuition fees. Thus ensuring that potential top talent will continue with their education.

GSK’s programme will costs them around £3 million per year and trainees will be required to stay with the company for several years until the fees have be repaid.

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