Google Chairman Criticises UK Science Sector has reported that Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes the UK to be throwing away its science and technology heritage.

Schmidt criticised the lack of effort put into trying to ignite young people’s passion for science, particularly IT, which is not compulsory past fourteen. The IT courses available at GCSE level were also criticised for teaching how to use, not how to create software. Schmidt believes the answer is to recombine art and science, as was the norm in the Victorian era. Authors such as Lewis Carroll are cited as examples; he taught maths at Cambridge whilst writing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The Google chairman went on to add that the separation of science and humanities, and the lack of championing of the science subjects in schools, is hurting the amount of students applying for undergraduate courses in science at university. Furthermore, though the UK sees a lot of small start-ups, most end up selling to large multi-national companies, something Schmidt says needs to change in order for Britain to re-emerge as a potential scientific leader

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