Pfizer Kent staff find jobs after made redundant

BBC News reported that  two-thirds of the workers who left the Pfizer site in Kent after being made redundant last year have found other jobs. This comes after the company unfortunately last year had to close some of its Kent based site which employed 2400 people.  Pfizer said that it would keep 650 jobs in Kent and 250 at other UK sites. Speaking about the workers who had found work elsewhere, Dr Annette Doherty, site leader for Pfizer Sandwich, said some workers remained in the biomedical sector while others had left Kent and moved to other roles.

Pfizer said it had tried to monitor the impact of the closure announcement on colleagues and based on the voluntary responses of more than 1,000 people leaving the company had estimated that about two-thirds had left for new opportunities.

It also was reported last week that Pfizer was in detailed talks with a consortium led by London and Metropolitan about buying the site. Dr Doherty said that if the sale went ahead, London and Metropolitan would become the site owner and would rent space to other companies. Pfizer would remain, running a smaller operation in rented buildings, and three other science and technology companies were also moving in.

Laura Sandys, Conservative MP for South Thanet and Sandwich, said: “While there are still staff who have not found jobs and companies in the area who were reliant on Pfizer, almost 1,000 jobs are now secure and a new buyer for the site is in final negotiations. What seemed like a disastrous day a year ago looks a lot more promising.”

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