Funding Cuts Could Destroy UK’s Chances of Becoming a Science World Leader

Female researcher looking into a microscope and writing notes atAs reported by the Guardian, cuts to science funding and a cap on immigration could hit research institutions hard – potentially preventing them from recruiting the best possible scientists. As a result the UK’s potential as a world leader could be destroyed.

Andy Haines, Vice Chancellor of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine stated, “The immigration cap, certainly in my institution, appears to be affecting the overseas students that we’re getting and it’s very serious that it’s coming particularly at the time when we’re potentially financially challenged. It’s misguided to impose an immigration cap, particularly on bona-fide institutions, when actually we’re generating resources for the UK. The students that we train go on to benefit their own countries and our economy. We need to maintain a reputation as a destination for the very highest fliers in the world and if we have arbitrary caps on recruitment of staff from overseas, this will impair that mission.”

These comments came in response to a government briefing organised by the Campaign for Science and Engineering and came a day after the chair of the House of Lords science and technology committee warned of a drain of science talent in the UK.

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