Ever thought about a career in clinical operations?

Are you looking to embark on a new career or maybe you are exploring the idea of a career change? As part of our Drug Discovery and Development Careers Spotlight, we are helping job seekers with scientific qualifications or experience to consider a career in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many areas within the sector where there are severe skills shortages and where qualified workers are in demand.

If you have a background in life sciences and are looking for a rewarding career then the clinical operations sector could be perfect for you.

Clinical operations is a highly important part of the drug development process and encompasses the whole clinical trial process from phases I-IV.  Enticingly most people working in clinical operations are usually paid excellent remunerations due to the importance of their role and the responsibility it carries.

If you are interested in working in clinical operations or would like to use it as a starting point in the drug discovery sector, take a look at this series of articles by CK Clinical below:

  1. Fancy a career in clinical operations
  2. What is Clinical Operations and why should I think about a career in this sector?
  3. How do I get into clinical operations?
  4. A day in the life of a CRA
  5. Where can this career take me?
  6. The demand for CRA’s continues to grow

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