European Chemical Industry Prepare to Reach Deadline

iStock_000006963239Medium1-150x150As reported by Plastics and Rubber Weekly, according to Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, the European Chemical Industry is preparing to meet the looming 30 November Reach chemicals registration deadline.

President of Cefic, Christian Jourquin, stated, “Companies are doing their utmost to comply with Reach and to meet the first registration deadline. The industry has been actively involved in the establishment of Reach as well as its implementation, which applies to thousands of substances.”

According to Cefic, strong overall cooperation among Europe’s €450bn chemical industry, the EU Commission and ECHA has helped resolve many problems relating to Reach registration.

But according to Cefic, many companies face “an array of unprecedented requirements that producers find costly and time consuming. Small- and medium-sized enterprises especially have experienced problems related to the lack of expertise required to complete complex regulatory tasks.”

Cefic director general Hubert Mandery added: “Besides the resource issue, the cost burden especially hits the bottom line of small- and medium-sized firms, who represent more than 90% of all chemical companies.

“The concerns of SMEs should be taken seriously into consideration, as the following two registration phases for lower tonnage substances will be significantly more burdensome for them. It’s in the industry’s interest that Reach be workable, practical and … affordable.

“Furthermore, we want to see the plethora of European substance-related legislation consistent with Reach.”


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