Develop your career with Avacta

Join an innovative biotech working to shape the future of medicine with powerful therapeutic and diagnostic systems.

In partnership with CK Group, Avacta are looking for a number highly self-motivated, talented individuals to join them at their state-of-the-art facilities based in Cambridge.

About Avacta

Avacta is developing Affimer bio-therapeutics to meet the growing demand for the next generation of drugs that will compete with monoclonal antibodies and other antibody mimetics, primarily in oncology. The Affimer technology is a novel protein scaffold based on the human protease inhibitor Stefin A. Key benefits of the Affimer technology are its small size, ease of formatting, high expression yields (even in large multimeric structures) and stability.

Avacta are also developing a range of novel FAP-a activated pro-drug chemotherapeutics (pre | CISION™ and TMAC™) that can be used as mono or combination therapies for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. The company’s first drug AVA6000 has recently been approved (February 2021) for clinical trials.

Avacta’s facilities are conveniently based in Cambridge, near Whittlesford Parkway Station, in state-of-the-art laboratories, offering an exciting and innovative environment where you will have the opportunity to develop your career with them.

The roles on offer

Protein Scientist/Senior Protein Scientist

  • Clone, express and purify Affimers for protein characterisation work and stability testing using a range of different expression platforms (bacterial and mammalian cells eg, CHO/HEK).
  • You should have experience with standard protein production techniques, AKTA purification, and HPLC systems.

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