CK Science Temps World Cup Sweepstake Winners

iStock_000004996564Medium[1]CK Science is delighted to announce that the winner of our Temp Workers World Cup Sweepstake is Kate Lowe. Kate is currently temping at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and was delighted to win her £25.00 worth of Amazon vouchers from the CK Science team. Upon receiving her prize, Kate stated:

“All you footy fans out there will be horrified to learn that I don’t follow football at all, so was not really interested in the outcome of the World Cup….but being a woman, £25 to go shopping with is fab! I have added a few of my own pounds to the Amazon voucher and bought a ladybird house, ladybird larvae and some food for them, in the hope that they will munch their way through all greenfly so I can be a bit more environmentally friendly and stop using pesticides in my garden.”

Kate Lowe - CK Science Temp Workers World Cup Sweepstake Winner

Kate Lowe – CK Science Temp Workers World Cup Sweepstake Winner

As a temporary worker at CK Science, Kate also kindly gave a glowing report of her experience of working with CK Science. Kate said,

“Last September I was made redundant and sent my CV out to several scientific agencies, looking for immediate work. All rang me up within a day or two of receiving my CV. All of them promised quick results, but CK was the only agency to actually get me an interview….within four days of them receiving my CV I had not only been interviewed, but had a start date for my contract at GSK.  I have been here nine months and just had my contract renewed for another six. I find CK to be proactive, friendly and helpful and they deal with any queries that I have promptly.”

Rhiannon Myers, one of our temporary workers at Merck was selected The Netherlands in the sweepstake, and thus won the second prize of £10.00 of Amazon vouchers. Well done Rhiannon, we hope you have fun spending!

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