CK Here to Help You Find That Perfect Science Job

Here at CK Science we like to build long-term sustainable relationships with our candidates who are searching for science jobs. In order to achieve this, we educate and inform jobseekers by actively utilizing business networking sites such as Linkedin and Xing, with the aim of helping our candidates find that perfect science job for them.

In order to facilitate this, we have recently created groups on both Linkedin and Xing which are designed to provide help and support for those who are job hunting in the scientific industry. These groups are intended to be used as an open forum for group members to exchange their experiences of job hunting within the scientific industry with each other.

To improve your chances of getting that great science job and to receive advice and support during your job hunt in the science industry please join our groups on Linkedin and Xing:

Linkedin: Advice for Jobseekers in the Scientific Industry Advice for Jobseekers in the Scientific Industry

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