CK Science adds functionality to CK+

CK Science has today released new functionality for its web-based service, CK+. This new functionality provides CK+ users with the ability to save jobs of interest into their account as well as view their application history.

The CK+ service was launched in 2013, when CK Science launched their new website so to give users greater control over their job seeking process. When registering with CK+ new users are asked to categorise their skills, expertise and locations; information which is fed live to our Recruitment Consultants guaranteeing they can find the right people for the right jobs.

Since the new CK Science website was launched there has been great strides made to ensure that the site is as accessible and user friendly as possible. These developments have included a mobile friendly version, functionality that allows you to email yourself, friend or colleague any job of interest as well as improving site performance and speed.

If you would like to register for CK+ click here 


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