CK hosts employment and recruitment update in Stevenage

CK Group has been proud supporters of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst for over 6 years. Our team have provided Recruitment, HR and business support to tenants new and old and are absolutely delighted to have been part of the journey many a company has made as they have grown through the open innovation platform SBC provides.

As part of our continued support, Jason and Jonathan will be hosting a session on September 19th to update tenants and SBC team members on upcoming changes in employment legislation and some of the insights from our recent recruitment process optimisation survey.

If you are an SBC tenant and have staff or are planning to hire somebody in the coming months, then please drop in and pick up a helpful handout or stay and talk with us to find out about what changes are coming up and how they could impact your business.

If you are not at SBC but would like to speak with one of our teams about your strategic hiring plans or have an immediate need for a specialist life science or medical professional, please get in touch with us at

Contact Jonathan here

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