Science jobs

Formulations Chemist

  • Can work in a number of different industries including coatings, cosmetics and FMCG
  • Develop formulations for products by mixing chemicals and often testing them by using application-specific methods

Quality Control (QC) Chemist

  • Carry out tests on either raw materials, intermediates, finished products or packaging (or all of them), to ensure that quality of released products is maintained.
  • Can use analytical instrumentation including HPLC, GC at FTIR, or can use application-specific methods.

Analytical Chemist

  • Could work in a range of industries including oil and gas, fine chemicals, FMCG, coatings or many others.
  • Analyse any of a range of chemicals or materials using techniques including HPLC, GC, NMR, UV-Vis or wet chemistry.
  • May work in various departments including QC, R&D and production.

Synthetic Organic Chemist

  • Synthesise organic chemicals such as fine chemicals and fragrance chemicals
  • May work at various scales from mg scale through to production
  • May be involved in technology transfer and scale up

Polymer Chemist

  • May be involved in polymer synthesis, polymer characterisation and using polymers in formulations.

R&D Chemist

  • Research and development into new products / processes or improvement of existing products / processes
  • May work in a variety of industries including FMCG, fine chemicals or oil and gas.

Process Chemist

  • Work in the introduction, development or scale up of production processes
  • Often work across various environments including laboratory, test rig, pilot plant or plant

Coating Chemist

  • Work in the development, application, production or QC of coatings

Technical Manager

  • Manage all of the technical activities of a company
  • Often oversee various departments including R&D, QC and Process Engineering

Laboratory Technician

  • Support the laboratory function of a company
  • May be involved in activities such as maintaining laboratory stocks, general laboratory housekeeping and sample preparation

Technical Support Specialist

  • Support the customers of a company, either over the phone, face to face or via email with technical queries related to a product.
  • May be involved in additional activities including writing user manuals or reports and training customers and distributors.


  • Will often work in a bridging position between laboratory R&D, production processes and customer support.
  • Can work in a number of industries including coatings, speciality chemicals and FMCG

Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager

  • Leads, coordinates and identifies areas for improvement, usually related to production and manufacturing
  • Often heavily immersed in quality issues to ensure customer satisfaction

Regulatory & QC Officer

  • Assists with regulatory functions such as compliance with standards and legislation
  • Assists with QC testing while ensuring the results are regulatory compliant

Project Manager

  • Manages all aspects of a particular project, often including direction of staff
  • Could involve such aspects as financing, research interests, testing, development, production, commercialisation and more

Shift Coordinator

  • Often a supervisory or leadership role within manufacturing or production, but could be within QA/ QC/ etc.
  • Allocates shift patterns; may work shifts themselves; acts as a go-between for different departments including raw materials, supply chain and more

QA Microbiologist/ Technician

  • Quality Assurance in a microbiological capacity
  • May include investigation of customer complaints; microbiological testing; logging of samples

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