IT jobs


  • Software based laboratory information management systems
  • Often bespoke systems that are in need of talented developers and administrators
  • Running assay data management, mining and analysis.

Project Managers

  • Taking on the responsibility of planning, executing and closing projects.
  • Responsible for making sure all key objectives are achieved in time and in budget.

Business Analysts

  • Analysing and documenting business processes and making suggestions for improvements.
  • Often acting as a liaison between technical and non technical departments.

Web & Application Design/Development

  • Creating and administering web sites
  • Writing code and updating information, graphics and content.

IT Support

  • Assisting end users of systems with bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ software and hardware
  • Usually done virtually via telephone or online.

System Administration

  • Being responsible for the upkeep, configuration and reliability of multi-use computers
  • Managing the needs of end users with regards to down/up time, performance, installs and upgrades.

IT Managers

  • Managing all areas of IT departments including budgets, hardware, software, change management, infrastructure and staffing.

CSV, Software Testers

  • Documenting the process of assuring computer systems and software do exactly what they are designed to do.

Embedded Software Engineers

  • Working with and writing code to control machines and devices
  • Typically using Embedded C and C++ languages.

IT Infrastructure

  • Looking after hardware, cabling, networking, VoIP and servers including virtual and physical.

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