Sanofi and Dendreon Battle for UK Market

Sanofi, a leading pharmaceutical company, has launched new cancer drug Jevtana in the UK, reports

EMA approval was granted after extensive phase III trials which indicated the drug extended the life of men suffering from a type of prostate cancer considerably. It also slowed the time it took the cancer to progress compared to standard chemotherapy drugs.

However, Sanofi will face competition from US firm Dendreon, as they seek to launch their drug Provenge into the European market. Ultimately, Provenge extends the patient’s life further and reduces the risk of death by nearly 25%, though it would cost £25,000 more to treat a single patient than Jevtana, so would struggle to be able to convince NICE that it is worth the extra cost.

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Anti-Aging Drug Discovered

research team has discovered a new pharmaceutical on Easter Island which could be used to reverse the effects of aging, the Telegraph reports.

A chemical discovered in the soil of the island has been used to create Rapamycin which, when tested on children suffering from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), a disease which prematurely ages children, helped clear their cells of defects.

Researchers are already looking into the possibility of providing the drug to a wider market, after similarities between normal aging and HGPS were discovered. Dimitri Krainc, an author of the study into Rapamycin, believes a small dose of the drug can “extend the health and life span of our cells and organs”.

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Pfizer Retains Pharma Jobs in Kent

Drugs giant Pfizer has announced it will retain 350 jobs in a pharmaceutical sciences operation, whilst still going forward with the planned reduction of the research and development facility in Sandwich, Kent, the Independent reports.

Pfizer hopes the retention of a presence on the site will encourage investors and support the current development of products, despite the loss of around 2,000 jobs at the site. The company will also be working in tandem with Kent County Council in order to encourage other businesses and investors to settle on the site.

Pfizer has a long relationship with Sandwich stretching over 50 years, with a variety of medical discoveries being made there, including that of Viagra.

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Our best Environmental Industry candidates…

CK Science are currently helping a number of excellent candidates looking for new positions in the Environmental Industry.

These candidates are based nationwide, please click on the links below to find out more about those based in your area:

South, UK

  • Site/Plant Chemist
  • Geoscientist/Consultant
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Analyst/Laboratory Technician

Midlands, UK

  • Analyst
  • Extractions Team Leader
  • Technical/Compliance Manager
  • Commercial & Technical Co-ordinator

North, UK

  • Waste Chemist
  • Consultant Chemist
  • Analyst
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Recycling Cutbacks Could Lead to Lack of Jobs has reported that Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman’s June Waste Review could lead to a lack of investment and jobs in the UK waste industry due to the scrapping of specific recycling targets being set.

Attacks by shadow Environment Secretary Jamie Reed indicate that England’s target of 50% household waste recycling is too low compared to the rest of the UK, with Scotland and Wales aiming for 70% of waste being recycled by 2025, creating thousands of jobs in the waste industry. Mr Reed has asked whether Mrs Spelman will “publish an assessment of how many English jobs will not now be created… as a result of her decision”.

Mrs Spelman has said that the 50% recycling target meets EU regulations and will lead to a greater emphasis on the management of landfills. These would create waste industry jobs in areas where they are needed, according to the councils that need such schemes, rather than forcing them upon certain areas.

Mr Reed replied to these comments by stating that the government has abandoned recycling targets in England which would help to “rebalance the economy” and have therefore begun “deterring investment” in the waste industry.

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Nominate CK Science in the NORA's 2011!

Nominate CK Science in the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) 2011!

Nominations for the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) are underway!

The NORA’s have been created to recognise and reward excellence in recruitment, something that CK Science always strives towards. We go to great lengths to ensure that our website caters for the increasingly Internet savvy candidate. Our site is continuously updated with the latest science job opportunities, industry news and careers advice, as well as weekly video content. In addition to this, our ever expanding presence on the major social networks enables us to actively listen and communicate with our candidates on a one-to-one level.

So, if you think CK Science deserve to be recognised in the NORA awards, please nominate us by clicking here, or on the banner above, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Pharma Company buys Scottish Chemicals Plant

As reported by the BBC News, the pharmaceutical company, Bakhu Pharma have acquired the chemical plant, Phoenix Chemicals in a deal which could create 50 jobs within 12 months.

Bakhu Pharma is the third owners of the plant in three years and speaking of the deal, their chief executive stated,

“This was a last-minute rescue plan that was put together very quickly,” said Mr Leece.

“Annan was about to be decommissioned but thanks to a huge effort by a few people, we have rescued the business from the ashes.”

The Merseyside-based Phoenix Chemicals originally bought the plant with the help of a grant from the Scottish government of £400,000. However, the company went into administration in January 2011.

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Is Motor Oil a Renewable Resource?

National Geographic News asked whether Motor oil could be a viable renewable source in their article Is motor oil a  renewable source – re finers say yes!

Currently tens of millions of barrels of lubricant pass through vehicle engines around the world each year, U.S. drivers alone produce about 1.3 billion gallons of dirty used motor oil annually. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 200 million gallons (757,082 liters) is dumped illegally each year. Some is “recycled,” but with dubious environmental benefit it typically ends up burned as a rather dirty industrial fuel source

However the National Geographic article tells us that there is another option which is to use  motor oil as a renewable resource. It is possible to re-refine used motor oil, restoring it to “good as new” quality. Then it can be resold over and over again at about the same price per quart as conventional motor oil.

In Europe, about 50 percent of motor oil is re-refined, thanks to regulations dating to 1975 that were revised in 2008, say analysts at Kline & Company, a market research firm based in Parsippany, New Jersey.  In North America, only about 10 to 15 percent of motor oil is re-refined. But that story is slowly changing as U.S. companies have begun to see a new market in “green” lubricant.

Kevin Ferrick of API says re-refined oil is gaining some traction in the marketplace. “We don’t track sales of re-refined oil but I will say that there are definitely more and more brands coming online that are claiming some percentage of re-refined oil,” he said. “It’s interesting that some of these have been around for quite a few years now and some marketers chose not to make that claim of re-refined content.”

Because U.S. regulations did not require marketers to label virgin-equivalent products as re-refined, marketers didn’t broadcast they were selling recycled product, fearing consumer reluctance to use “old” oil. But now, companies are recognizing a marketing advantage. “I’d say that because of increased environmental consciousness there seems to have been a change in attitude towards it,” Ferrick said.

Re-refined motor oil even has a presence on the NASCAR circuit through partnership with Safety-Kleen, the largest motor oil re-refiner in the United States. Safety-Kleen not only services race teams, but it collects motor oil for re-refining at NASCAR racetracks and team shops—some 185,000 gallons (700,300 liters) in 2010 alone.

Apparently it takes only about one-third of the amount of energy to recover re-refined base stock as it does to produce the same amount of base stock from crude oil, Using less energy means producing fewer carbon emissions. And the same oil can be re-refined over and over again said John Wesley CEO of Wichita, Kansas-based Universal Lubricants, producer of ECO ULTRA re-refined oils.

Kevin Ferrick of API said “If you’re concerned about the environment then by all means use re-refined oils,These oils are just fine for vehicles, as long as they are certified, and reusing something over and over again is always a good thing to do rather than wasting a valuable source”

Motor oil re-refining’s savings do add up over time, and the world’s total annual output of used motor oil is anything but trivial. That’s why, for many, a “closed-loop” system that puts the same oil back to work over and over again is a strong option.

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Patient feedback drives medical device changes

As reported by The Cambridge Network, the leading technology design and development company, Cambridge Consultants have today released findings of a study which set out to investigate the impact of medical device usability on user acceptance.

The study concluded that pharmaceutical companies could boost their market share by shifting their emphasis to improve the user experience. Further findings of the study included:

  • – Patients will may for ease-of-use – 77% of respondents stated that they would be willing to pay a premium for more user-friendly devices.
  • – Patients now have more choice than ever – 75% of patients reported that their doctor gave them a choice of which medical device to chose – 28% took their doctors recommendation – 21% stated that they did their own research when choosing a new device
  • – Lifestyle factors was the biggest reason for switching devices.
  • – Doctors and healthcare providers surveyed noted that better devices resulted in better patient compliance


Speaking of the findings, Melanie Turieo, Human Factors Team Leader at Cambridge Consultants stated, “The findings challenge traditional medical device industry conceptions about compliance and the patient experience. The industry has been good at maximizing drug efficacy but patient experience factors have not really been a primary focus. Only now are we seeing the patient experience take centre stage.

Drug makers need to realize that if you consider the patient’s broader needs throughout the development process—from conception, to design, development and commercialization—you are likely to have a more successful and effective product, resulting in improved compliance and therefore improved patient outcomes.”

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Scientists find that mobile phones could increase brain cancer risk

As reported by Sky News, according to scientists at the World Health Organisation (WHO), the use of mobile phones could increase your chances of getting brain cancer.

The scientists have classified mobile devices as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ and so have advised people to use their hands-free sets or text instead of calling. The scientists came to this classification after the discovery that the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields associated with handsets potentially heightened the chances of suffering glioma, a malignant form of the disease.


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Institute of Cancer Research Scientists win Royal Society of Chemistry Award

As reported by Medical News Today, scientists at the Institute Cancer Research (ICR)  have received  an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for the discovery and clinical development of abiraterone, a prostate cancer treatment.

The development of this prostate cancer drug is of particular significance as it is one of only a hand full of drugs which have been found to extend the lives of men suffering with late-stage prostate cancer.

Abiraterone has recently received approval in the US for men suffering with metastatic prostate cancer whom were no longer responding to chemotherapy. European approval is also pending.

The RSC is the largest European organisation that focuses on advancing chemical sciences. Their President, David Phillips  stated the award was given  “in recognition of their exemplary teamwork and scientific innovation that took abiraterone from idea to successful multi-centre Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of prostate cancer.”

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Nestlé Acquires Diagnostics Company

As reported by The Telegraph, the global brand Nestlé have acquired the Diagnostics company Promentheus Laboratories which specialises in manufacturing equipment used to diagnose bowel complaints.

The deal is a calculated move by Nestlé to expand their recently established Health Sciences Division who are focusing on developing foods that can be used in the treatment of disease.

Luis Cantarell, the man that heads up the Health Sciences Division at Nestlé, stated, “The largest drug you have in your repertoire is the food you eat.”

In order for the division to achieve their ambitions, Nestlé have also recently purchased CM&D Pharma, a UK-based company which was instrumental in developing chewing gum to treat kidney disorders, as well as Vitaflo, a Liverpool-based organisation which specialise in manufacturing nutritional supplements for people with digestive disorders.

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Slow Sales for Boots in UK Stores

As reported by The Guardian, Boots has experienced a disappointing 1.7% increase in like-for-like sales in the UK, whilst their international parent company, Alliance Boots, recorded a bumper increase of 15.1%.

Executive chairman, Stefano Pessina thinks the tough conditions are likely to continue, and stated: “Looking to the year ahead, we are planning for consumer demand to be subdued and expect governments to continue to seek ways to contain growth in healthcare expenditure.”

Pessina also stared that as a group they will continue to focus their efforts on international expansion this year despite the challenging market conditions.

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Meet the recent addition to the CK Science team!

Carrie Ann Bell is one of the recent additions to the  ever expanding CK Science team and is based in our Durham office. Carrie Ann specialises in recruitment for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Diagnostics industries.

Find out more about Carrie Ann by watching this short video:


Want to meet the rest of the CK Science Team? Click here to visit the Meet the Team section of our website!

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Budget cuts could transform scientific research, UK

As reported by The Guardian, scientists may be forced to share laboratories and find ways fund their own equipment as a result of the government’s decision not to fund four major science projects The four projects, as outlined by the science minister, David Willets include:

  • A national supercomputing service for developing drugs and modelling climate change
  • A computer science centre at the Daresbury research and innovation campus in Cheshire
  • Redevelopment of the Institute for Animal Health
  • Upgrades to facilities at the Rothera research station in Antarctica

Cuts to hardware and facilities budgets could potentially drastically change scientific research in the UK. It is feared that the more sophisticated equipment will be funneled towards top universities and government institutions.

Lower ranking universities could also bear the brunt as money troubles mean that both research and teaching are under threat because the universities simply cannot afford to replace their old lab equipment.

To find out more about this recent announcement, please visit The Guardian website.


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Inviting you to…Biocity's Framework Focus Event

BioCity  is pleased to invite you to an event that will give you an opportunity to learn first-hand about the opportunities for European R&D funding  in  Healthcare  projects soon to be announced in the 2012 FP7 call.This call has a significant focus on SMEs, with guaranteed EC funding to leading SME partners in successful consortia and a range of more broadly specified topics targeted at SME interests.

During the event there will also be an opportunity to hear about other sources of European Funding for SMEs through the Research for the Benefit of SMEs and Eureka Eurostars programs.

The event, organised in partnership with CK Science and Beta Technology will also provide details on how to access further support , give attendees a chance  to meet with national support teams, hear from a successful SME participant  and network with potential partners.  A buffet lunch will be provided.

When is the event?

This event will be taking place on Monday 23rd May at Biocity Nottingham’s Boardroom. The event will start at 9.00am and will finish at 13.30pm.

Who should attend?  
The event is targeted at SMEs in the biotech/healthcare sector but will also be of interest to academics and other interested parties working in the following areas of health research;

• Detection and Diagnosis of disease
• Innovative therapeutic approaches and interventions
• Large scale data gathering and processing
• Development and ageing
• Translational research on major infectious diseases, including HIV, TB and malaria
• Translational research on, diabetes/obesity, rare and chronic diseases
• Healthcare systems and public health
• Adverse drug reactions

How to register?

To register your place at the event, or for more information, please contact Liam O’Connell at CK Science on 0114 283 9956 or email

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Would you choose to hire a graduate who had completed an industrial placement year instead of one that hadn’t? Why?

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CK Director on Biocity Bootcamp Panel of Experts

Liam O’Connell, Director at CK Science will be appearing on the expert panel at Biocity and the Healthcare & Bioscience iNet evening seminar, “Entrepreneurs, Universities and the Economy”.

The seminar  follows a pro-enterpise speech at the end of 2010, during which Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his vision for turning the years ahead into the most entrepreneurial and dynamic in the history of the UK. He outlined his plan to build a new economic dynamism relying heavily on innovation and start-ups alongside collaboration between universities and businesses.

During the seminar, the BBC’s Working Lunch presenter Rob Pittam will ask the panel of experts:
1. What impact will the 23 March budget have on the life science industry and governments stated aim of boosting enterprise?
2. In particular how will this affect your business [i.e. the panel member’s] and what significant effects has government had on your business in the past- if any?

The panel members will include our very own Liam O’Connell and the following influential figureheads:
– Nigel Gaymond, Chief Executive, BioIndustry Association
– Dr Glenn Crocker, CEO, BioCity Nottingham
– Dr Dave Mead, Business Development Director, Novozymes Biopharma UK Ltd (pharmaceutical product manufacturers)
– Sameer Kothari ,Chief Executive, Zilico Ltd (cancer diagnostics company)
– Gwent Paylor , College Business Manager, School of Science & Technology, Nottingham Trent University

The seminar will be taking place this afternoon at the Biocity site in Nottingham.

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Science Placement Student Wins Research Award

David Liptrot, a student studying Chemistry at the University of Bath has been awarded Placement Student of the Year by

During his placement year at AstraZeneca, David carried out work in synthetic research to improve access to compounds of potential therapeutic interest and was nominated by his University lecturer, Stever Roser.

Upon receiving the award, David stated ‘Finding new drugs is often very time consuming and can cost a great deal of money. The research involved looking at very small compounds that make up drugs and finding ways to improve how quickly and how many compounds are created.

This allows faster and more drug screening, effectively increasing the number of potential drugs that can be studied, and reduces the time taken and the overall cost of producing medicines.”

Are you a graduate looking for a career in science? Click here to read our job hunting tips for graduates.

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