CK attending the CIA’s National Skills Conference

CK Science will be attending the Chemical Industry Associations National Skills Conference on 25th September at the Leeds Marriott Hotel

The event, which has been jointly organised with NSAPI and Cogent SSC, is a must for anyone with people management or skills development responsibility. It aims to significantly enhance your knowledge of the skills landscape and provide you with practical solutions to tackle skills shortages and shortfalls.

If you would like to arrange to meet with one of our consultants at the event click here

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Almac cancer research funding boost

Almac has invested £13 million into two cancer research ventures, with £7 million to be spent in Northern Ireland.

The pharmaceutical company, in a partnership with Queen’s University, are set to undertake research into the clinical performance of a drug developed within Northern Ireland. There will also be a project that has the intention of setting up a drug discovery unit in Queen’s Cancer research and Cell Biology centre at Belfast City Hospital.

Almac  is an international organisation providing a comprehensive range of services from research through pharmaceutical development to commercialisation of product. For more information on Almac’s services and the company itself, click here.

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Irish breast cancer research investment

Breast cancer researchers from across Ireland collaborate in a project to tackle the disease.

50 experts from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are set to combine their expertise within Ireland’s first Collaborative Cancer Research Centre established by the Irish Cancer Society. Over £6 million is expected to be invested over five years into the centre. Researchers from across Irish universities are to be involved.

The centre, led by William Gallagher of University College Dublin, “will for the first time in Ireland harness the wealth of data available on breast cancer from around the globe to inform new clinical trials and treatments, and link in with world leading scientists and institutions such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and the Cambridge Research Institute in the UK.”

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Oxfordshire Science Park to Create 1,000 Jobs

Culham Science Park in Oxfordshire is set to expand, with up to 1,000 new science and technology jobs.

Three new research labs and office space have been discussed at the Abingdon site, and a planning application has been sent to the council. The 1,000 jobs include skilled and unskilled workers, including the construction of the new buildings and the scientists then working in them once they have been completed.

The created jobs are set to expand the workforce at the Science Park by 50%, to near 3,000. Should planning permission be granted, private companies will be invited to move operations to the park, before construction begins. Currently with 2,000 staff and 45 companies, the Culham Science Park is part of Science Vale UK, which includes two other Oxfordshire sites employing over 10,000 people between them. The expanding of the Abingdon site can only boost the area’s scientific centre credentials further.

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Biologics Centre for Darlington

A new National Biologics Manufacturing Centre is to be located in Darlington, announced the Centre for Process Innovation.

Darlington was chosen for its proximity to universities in the North East, existing pharmaceutical companies and the excellent transport links of the area. David Willets MP, the Minister for Universities and Science, believes the Centre will “significantly increase the UK’s manufacturing capabilities in biologics,” hopefully increasing the chance of life sciences investment.

Biologics, medicines created using biotechnology, account for up to 15% of the current pharmaceutical market, and are doing better than the pharmaceutical sector generally. More than a fifth of all medicines launched worldwide are developed through the use of biotechnology. With this amount likely to grow, the development of the Centre in Darlington is set to give a significant boost to the area and to the UK in general.

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Global Head Supply Chain API Job – Ireland


  • Reference: 27417
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Contract type: Permanent

We are currently recruiting for a Global Head Supply Chain (API) to join a pharmaceutical company to work at their site in County Cork in Ireland on a permanent basis.

The purpose of this role  is to ensure the success of the local site supply chain teams for all API sites by adhering to MRP II Class A supply chain processes.


For more information and to read the full job description click here


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Regulatory Affairs Job – North Yorkshire

This weeks job of the week is a fantastic opportunity,  a leading specialist wound care company is looking for a Regulatory Affairs Associate to join them at their site situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Naynesh a specialist regulatory affairs Recruiter has made a short video giving more information about this job.


Watch this video here



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Cancer Research Launch new study called TRACERx

The BBC has reported that Cancer Research UK, is launching a new study called TRACERx that will track how lung tumours develop and evolve as patients receive their treatment. The study will run for 9 years and will cost an estimated £14 million.

Specialists from Aberdeen Royal infirmary and other researchers from across the UK will combine together along with 850 volunteers sufferers to take part in the study.

Some 42,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK every year, with about 35,000 deaths from the disease.


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A winner, in the engineering survey prize draw!

Earlier this year we asked all of you who are Engineers, to complete our engineering survey. We are really pleased with the results which will be published later in the year. We also entered everyone who completed the survey into a free prize draw to win an Amazon Kindle.

We are pleased to say that a winner has been picked from the draw, the winner of the Amazon Kindle was………

Alan Bentham an Engineer from South Shields!

Alan was drawn out of the draw by Jocelyn Blackham a Resourcer based in the Stevenage officer at CK Science (picutred below)

Thank you to all who took part in the survey, we really appreciated it!


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REC Reveals Ways to Fill Skilled Work Vacancies

Operations Director Liam O’Connell has recently attended an REC Skills Summit in London, which was intended to explain the disconnect between those out of work and the vacancies in many areas that could be filled.

The Summit brought together many from across a wide range of sectors, including life sciences, engineering and technology, so as to try to address the issues facing them. It is clear from these discussions that there is a significant skills gap, with many employers predicting these issues to continue for the near future.

To combat these problems, the REC have come up with a variety of methods, from investments in skills training by businesses, to apprenticeships created thanks to government policy. The apprenticeship policy seems as though it would be most effective, as around a quarter of employers said that they did not hire young people due to lack of skills or experience. It is necessary to train these young people in order to ensure that the skills are there in the future, rather than seeing the gap widen further.

If you are someone who is looking to find a job in the science sector, please click here to search our jobs, now

BBC News story     Science Jobs

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Variety in Science Grants to Benefit Research

Chemistry World has recently reported on a study into the effectiveness of the allocation of grant money to the scientific community.

The study, conducted by David Currie and Jean-Michel Fortin, biologists at the University of Ottawa, Canada, found that a series of smaller grants to a wider variety of people and institutions is more conducive to effective and meaningful research than large grants to the ‘elite’ in the scientific community. The conclusions of Currie and Fortin indicate that an increased monetary grant does not increase productivity.

Highly cited studies are seemingly unaffected by the level of funding received. The impact generally comes down to the quality of the researchers, regardless of career stage. Some more experienced scientists could have larger grants but less time to perform studies due to other commitments, such as teaching, and so cannot fully use the grant money. It would therefore be better to disseminate the money to a wider variety of researchers so that more diverse research could be performed.

Essentially, the money from grants is better used to improve the scientific community as a whole, rather than for the benefit a few specific areas of research. By funding the elite institutions, it is probably that the vitality and variety of scientific thought will be significantly dulled.

For an opportunity to involve yourself in the advancement of the scientific community, click here to search our current science jobs

Science Jobs     £1bn funding boost for seven science and research projects      

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Almac Introduce Drug Handling Capabilities- EU Sites

Almac Clinical Services has expanded its business unit by offering the dispensing and bottling of solid dosages, according to the company’s own website.

Added to this, improved containment equipment and processes have been started at Almac’s EU and US headquarters. Dr Robert Dunlop, who is Managing Director of Almac, has said that the company has “experienced an increase in demand for facilities equipped to handle compounds of a higher potency.”

The installation of such facilities has been successful, and Almac has said it is open to and welcoming packaging discussions with companies who are currently developing drugs.

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Dundee Research Centre Granted £24 million

The University of Dundee’s research centre for the treatment of human diseases has been granted £24 million to continue its work over the next five years, reports Life Sciences Scotland.

The grant has come thanks to the taxpayer, something the Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council Sir John Savill believes to be fantastic. He said “It is important for people to know how crucial their own money has been in uncovering health improvements” such as the MRI scanner.

The funding will allow for the research facility to add a number of new scientists to the team. The work undertaken at the research centre has is part of a worldwide effort, that through various grants has been able to support over 160 staff in over 25 countries. The MRC is dedicated to funding some of the leading medical research in the world through reinvestment of taxpayer’s money.

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North West Wales Gets Tech Jobs Boost

The creation of hundreds of technology and energy jobs in North West Wales has taken a significant step forward with the appointment of Ieuan Wyn Jones as the Director of Menai Science Park.

The project, being championed by Bangor University, is aiming to join academic researchers with commercial expertise in one, as yet undecided, site. The development of the energy industry and clean technology will be the main reason as to the establishment of the science park, with everything from nuclear to biomass schemes being advanced on Anglesey. The Welsh government has already put in £10 million, with Anglesey also looking to be made into an Enterprise Zone to give company’s incentives to set up in the park.

The idea behind the establishment of the park is for Bangor University to initially set up researchers in laboratories on site, thereby attracting related businesses. The university’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor John G. Hughes, believes this to be a “very exciting initiative which has tremendous potential.” Whilst no location has yet been chosen, several locations are being discussed as to their suitability. Mr Wyn Jones, who has stepped down from the Welsh Assembly to take the post, is “fiercely committed to… creating a better economy for Anglesey and North West Wales.” He believes his skills and expertise will ensure the park “plays a leading role in strengthening and broadening” the economic base of the area.

Looking for a job in the technology or energy sector? Search our jobs, here

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Norbrook Laboratories Continues Growth

BBC News has reported that Norbrook Laboratories is set to continue its growth over the next two years, by expanding the workforce to over 2,000.

The Northern Ireland based company, which employs 1,700 people, is adding to the recruitment of 200 new staff already this year. The profitable company has been continually expanding, leading to a recent £150 million investment in the Newry site owned by Norbrook, including new offices, warehouses and production suites.

The new jobs will be across “the full spectrum” of Norbrook’s operations according to James Gibbs, the recruitment manager, with those employed dealing with scientific analysis, production, research, engineering and finance. The Northern Irish pharmaceutical sector has been similarly boosted recently following the creation of jobs at Almac, also based there.

Would you like to work somewhere like this?

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Science Jobs     Pfizer and UK biotech firm announce £3.8 million research deal

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Amgen and Astellas Announce Japanese Link

US biotechnology giant Amgen has entered a partnership with Astellas Pharma of Japan in order to provide for the medical needs of Japanese patients, reports

A new business model, combining both companies’ capabilities has been agreed. Amgen’s pipeline candidate drugs are to be joined with Astellas’ knowledge and presence in the Japanese market. Five of Amgen’s pipeline developments, for the treatment of diseases of a cardiovascular nature as well as cancer, are set to be further commercialised and progressed.

A joint venture company will also be established, with the name Amgen Astellas BioPharma, with the intention of enabling Amgen to quickly establish a significant presence in Japan. This is expected to be set up and running by 1st October 2013.

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Polymer Professionals Needed for Number of Jobs!

We are currently recruitng for a number of polymer professionals at world renowned progressive companies. All of these roles offer highly competitive salaries with excellent benefits.


These are some of the polymer jobs that we are recruiting for:

Materials Engineer – Composites, Bedfordshire

Polymer Chemist – Resins, Northamptonshire

Chemist – Polymer Coatings, Bedfordshire

Technical Service Chemist – Composites, Northants

Materials Scientist – Polymers, Northants

Materials Engineer – Composites, Hertfordshire


To find out more about these roles and our other polymer jobs, please contact Andrew Bolton in the first instance on 01438 723 500 or email



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Pharmaceutical company Almac creates 229 new jobs

As reported by BBC News. Northern Ireland based firm, Almac has announced plans to create 229 jobs. The expansion forms part of a £13.7m investment into two core areas of the business.

The two core areas include:

1. A new develpment facility for their pharmaceutical development service to be established

2. Expansion into export markets for their product production

The jobs, which are to be filled over the next three years, are based at their global head office at Craigavon and deliver £5.5m in annual salaries into the region.

Would you like to work at Almac?

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  Pharmaceutical Jobs

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