Hello from New Scientist Live!

We had a fantastic time at the New Scientist Live Event last week. We exhibited at the event for four days at the Excel in London, from the 10 – 13th November.

We had a brilliant stand in the technology section and were able to speak to lot’s of science industry professionals and graduates.

The event was a great success, attended by over 40,000 professionals, families and science lovers. Our team enjoyed seeing so many faces, so thank you if you came to say hello.

New Scientist Team

We were happy to be able to give careers advice to many students and teenagers who are considering careers in the science, engineering and clinical industries but not sure of what jobs are available.

We were also delighted to be able to help many scientific professionals learn a little more about the life science, chemical, pharma and environmental sectors.

The team were delighted to be also take part in all the activities such as smelling the moon, using the new VR tech that BAE systems were showing or looking in the fighter jet!

If we met you at the event please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here or search our latest jobs here and keep your CK + account up to date.

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New Scientist Live 2019

This year we are very pleased to be working with the New Scientist and taking part in their brilliant event New Scientist Live in October.

For those who have not attended this event before New Scientist Live is an award-winning, mind-blowing festival of ideas and discoveries for everyone curious about science and why it matters.

Packed with more than 140 speakers and 150 interactive experiences you’ll find an unrivalled atmosphere and energy, thought-provoking talks, ground-breaking discoveries, workshops and performances. Fun, entertaining, informative and inspirational, New Scientist Live stimulates the mind and senses like no other event.

Our experienced recruiters will be there to offer careers and job hunting advice specifically for those looking for roles in the scientific industries.

If you are planning to attend or thinking about it, make sure you pop by our stand number 1752 in the technology zone. We will be very happy to chat and give industry based careers advice to help you in your future plans.

If you are looking to purchase tickets for New Scientist Live use this discount code JACQUI15.  This will give a 15% discount off standard and all-access tickets.


If you would like more information or to meet up with us at the event contact Lauren here

Visit the New Scientist website here




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Changes to IR35 legislation and its impact on employers

In October 2018 the government confirmed that it will be extending the off-payroll rules to the private sector.

As of 6 April 2020, clients in the private sector will be responsible for assessing the IR35 Status of their contractors. For those deemed to be working inside IR35, the client will need to ensure they deduct all tax and National Insurance contributions due. The draft legislation was published on the 11th of July 2019.

Read more about who the IR35 legislation affects

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How New Graduates Can Stand Out from the Crowd

Have you just finished your last exams or handed in your final assignment? Are you now starting to think about how to start a career in your chosen industry?

In today’s competitive job market, finding a job that correlates with the career you have in mind can be trickier than first imagined. How can you ensure that you stand out in a sea of new graduates and give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job?

There’s one thing that has the biggest impact when it comes to making an impression and standing out from the crowd, that is attention to detail. Whether you are dealing with a hiring manager of a big organisation or a recruiter, first impressions count and this comes down to attention to detail……..

Take a look at our latest article that gives four top tips on how good attention to detail will help you stand out from the crowd.

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The benefits of working and living in The Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is often overlooked as a potential location to seek employment, especially for those seeking employment within the UK. However, this EU country offers a number of excellent work opportunities and an active lifestyle, in addition to being located just a short ferry or plane ride from the UK. Here are just 10 of the many reasons to relocate Ireland and boost your career.

  1. Demonstrating your ability and willingness to work outside of your own country is encouraging for future employers. Travelling is often a necessary component of modern work and employers often seek staff that are able to demonstrate employment in a variety of locations.
  2.  Ireland is a democratic country situated within the EU. It is often associated with high cost of living; however, with the global economic downturn this cost of living has decreased somewhat.
  3.  Public healthcare in Ireland is funded by general taxes and can therefore be obtained without additional charges. For those who wish to avoid any waiting times private healthcare is also available.
  4.  The education system in Ireland is highly regarded worldwide and there are plenty of options for furthering your education or professional development at all levels.
  5.  Ireland is a friendly place, where speaking to a stranger is not a rare and unwanted occurrence. Irish people are polite, helpful and open to conversation. It has previously been suggested to be the friendliest country in the world by Lonely Planet.
  6.  Ireland is often misrepresented as an unsafe country in the media, whilst in actual fact it is one of the safest countries to live and work in, having been ranked as 12th in the 2016 Global Peace Index.
  7.  Ireland is a highly multicultural country with foreign nationals contributing to the countries economy and varied culture. In 2014 the percentage of non-Irish citizens living and working in Ireland was approximately 10%.
  8.  Ireland has a unique and traditional culture to be discovered and enjoyed. It wouldn’t be a trip to Ireland without listening to Irish folk music in a traditional pub while drinking a Guinness!
  9. Landscapes, landscapes, landscapes. Ireland is renowned for its stunning scenery with many breath-taking attractions to visit. These include the The Giants Causeway, Castles (visit Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone!), The Ring of Kerry, etc. You can hike, surf, climb, walk, cycle or just relax and take in all the stunning views this country has to offer.
  10.  Travelling to Europe is easy. Ireland has an excellent transport system including a number of airports that offer cheap and easy travel to a range of locations within Europe. Travel connections to Ireland from the UK are also readily available.

For more information about working in Ireland call 01246 457700

If you are interested in working in Ireland click here to search our current vacancies

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Life Sciences Opportunities in 2019 in Ireland

Ireland in the 21st century has become a global leader within the technology sectors attracting massive amounts of foreign investment, far outstripping growth in these areas of many of their EU neighbours. Among these sectors the pharmaceutical and life science industries continue to grow at an astounding pace.

Relative to its size Ireland is a global leader in the fields of medicinal and pharmaceutical products and is currently the 7th largest exporter of pharmaceutical products globally. There are over 120 international life sciences companies based in Ireland, with 9 of the 10 largest global pharmaceutical companies having large manufacturing or R & D facilities there. The levels of investment in these sectors continues to increase on an annual basis and this is reflected by both the importance of the life science industries to the Irish economy and the growth of the number of highly skilled people employed.

In the late 1970s there were 2000 people employed in the pharmaceutical sector throughout the country. However by 2018 there were nearly 27,000 people working in this field. The biotechnology industry is also growing rapidly with over 11,000 people employed in 2018, up from 6,500 in 2015.

Pharmaceutical sector infographic


This extraordinary growth has been facilitated by government policy encouraging high value STEM industries. Some of the factors leading to the ongoing growth in life sciences include:

  • Highly attractive corporation tax regime
  • STEM hubs in certain locations
  • Higher education geared towards STEM sectors
  • Plenty of rural locations for capital investment
  • Good infrastructure
  • Open borders welcoming highly skilled employees from the EU
  • Supportive government policy

As such there will be continual strong growth in the life science sector in Ireland with plenty of investment opportunities occurring over the next 5 years, meaning that Ireland will be a very attractive place to work. Due to the population of Ireland being relatively small, there is a limited talent pool of scientific and engineering staff available and as such there is a need to source highly skilled professionals from abroad for both permanent and contract positions.

The opportunities for development and growth for employees in the life sciences sectors will be greater in Ireland than most other EU countries due to this rapid investment and growth and as such now is good time to consider a move to Ireland.

If you would like to find out more about the Irish life sciences market contact Liam O Connell at loconnell@ckagroup.co.uk

Take a look at our latest jobs in Ireland here


Author: Liam O’Connell

Liam O'Connell

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How to start a career in chemistry – New Scientist

As part of our careers advice series with New Scientist Jobs, Victoria Walker who is a specialist in recruitment in the chemical industry has given us her top tips of how to get started in a career in chemistry and to where this could potentially take you. Take a look here:


First you might ask, why would I want a career in chemistry? The answer is because it provides so many diverse opportunities! Having a career within chemistry is not just limited to working in a lab (although there are many exciting lab-based jobs!). For example you could move into a field service role which would provide travel opportunities; you could get involved with plant based operations including scale up and process chemistry; and you could eventually use your career and knowledge in chemistry to educate, inspire and motivate a new generation.

So if you have a desire to work with polymers, coatings, fragrances, colours and more – follow these tips:


GCSEs or equivalent level qualifications:

Most employers look for at least A-C grade (9-4 in new GCSE grading system) in Science and Maths as a minimum. Good maths skills are very important in landing your career in chemistry as it is necessary both to use these skills on a daily basis (such as measuring out chemicals and calculating proportionate yields) as well as having a sound understanding of maths on which to base the chemistry knowledge.


Further study:

As people are now required to stay in full-time education until the age of 18 in the UK, options include 6th form or college, or alternatively starting an apprenticeship or trainee-ship.

If you opt to stay within traditional education, a chemistry A Level is the obvious choice. Supporting subjects include maths or physics. Should you wish to start an apprenticeship, try to find an opportunity with a chemical manufacturing company, or one with a company that may provide you with transferable skills.

Depending on the level of knowledge you are looking for and whether you intend to specialise, you may wish to embark on a University career in chemistry, and then perhaps a Masters or PhD. Please note these qualifications are not essential to obtain a career in chemistry; some employers do prefer a chemistry degree however a Masters and/ or PhD education is only for certain niche areas.


Work experience:

Aside from having a knowledge and understanding of chemistry, work experience is going to be one of the main drivers in securing your career in your chosen field. We would highly recommend that you take any opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry, whether it’s only shadowing someone for a few days, voluntary lab experience, or paid temporary work/ a year in industry during university. While employers value a good chemistry education, more and more they are turning to experience as being the main tick in the box. Having gained voluntary experience also indicates that you are taking your career in chemistry seriously.



Ultimately, after you have achieved the above, be flexible. There are so many opportunities out there. You may have your heart set on becoming a New Product Development Chemist within water-based adhesives for the packaging industry, however please refer to our previous point – experience is everything. Appreciating that you may need to gain experience in a few other areas before being able to pursue your dream job will firstly take the pressure off, but secondly may mean that you find many other areas within chemistry that you weren’t aware of before.


If you would like more careers advice get in touch with Victoria Walker here or take a look at our careers zone here.


Prefer video? Watch Victoria talk about this subject here.

Author: Victoria Walker



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CK host NEPIC Cluster Connect

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the NEPIC Cluster Connect on the 4th of October.

This is a free meeting that brings together members of NEPIC along with professionals involved in the process industries in the North East of the UK. Held on the first Thursday of each month between 8am-10am, the meeting includes refreshments, a guest speaker and new member introductions followed by an informal networking session.

Jonathan Hart-Smith, Managing Director of CK, will give a short five minute talk offering his top tips for effective talent acquisition. This talk will give five takeaways on how you can improve your own in house recruitment process to attract potential employees.

It could be that you are thinking about taking on a new hire or maybe like many organisations in this candidate driven market you are struggling to attract the right staff. On the other hand it could be that you would just like a few handy tips to hep streamline your recruitment process.

If this sounds like you, no doubt you will be able to take away some tips to aid your organisation in attracting the right talent.

If you would like to attend this event register here or contact Sarah Farrow via email here: sfarrow@ckscience.co.uk.






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5 ways Chemistry has helped shape the modern world

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, interdisciplinarity between chemistry and other sciences is indispensable for innovation and tackling global challenges.

One pivotal example is the influence of chemistry in technology. The advancements in chemistry, especially materials chemistry, have allowed tech firms to experiment and create cutting edge products that are helping shape the world.

In this article we highlight some key technological innovations that could not have happened without chemistry.


Touch screens

Chemistry has helped develop most of the tech products we use every day like our computer or our mobile phone. Without chemistry the mobile phone would not exist as we know it. In fact, out of the 83 nonradioactive elements, around 70 of them can be found in a phone.

The touch screen on a mobile phone is made of a combination of plastics, transparent metal coatings, adhesives and other products, all working together to allow a single touch to activate the phone. This invention is now in everyone’s pockets and is widely used across most other devices.

However it doesn’t stop there. In 2018 we are seeing a tendency for screens to get thinner to enable increased interactivity. So the chemistry industry still has a lot of work left to do in this domain.



Chemistry has also been at the forefront of nanotechnology breakthroughs. Nanotechnology, the science of extremely small structures, is being used in many sectors from creating higher performance materials to improving efficiency of solar energy production.

One extraordinary nanotech discovery has been the drug-carrying Nanoswimmers. These are nano particles designed to deliver drugs to targeted parts of the body. It is hoped that they will soon be able to combat certain types of cancers and other diseases. As the population lives longer and consequently the global pharmaceutical sector is set to grow by 160% between now and 2030, pharma companies are going to depend on chemical innovations such as Nanoswimmers to help them support this growth.



Chemistry has become a vital player when it comes to finding sustainable energies for the long term. As there is increasingly more pressure to find better solutions, chemists and tech experts have been working together combing their skills to find solutions. We are currently seeing a lot of research around photovoltaics and ways to use sunlight as a source of energy. In turn these technologies are being used to create safer and more sustainable photo batteries for devices.

Although still in the discovery stages, this technology offers significant potential for the future and could soon be found in everyday electrical devices.


Electric vehicles

Another breakthrough technology in the past few years has been the electric car. As the electric car market grows, there has been a drive to develop them further, focusing on improving their performance, battery durability and lightness.

Electric cars have many advantages. They are low maintenance as they have less parts, they are cheaper to run as they don’t need petrol and more importantly they are better for the environment. However, as we stand, electric cars are expensive to produce and not yet dependable enough.

Chemists and engineers are working hard to improve battery durability, and consequently improve the distance range and battery cost. They are also researching lighter materials to help improve performance.

Hopefully, as chemistry helps upgrade the electric car, we will see more affordable models released to the mass market. As Tesla already has half a million pre-orders for its $35,000 Model 3, the success of future affordable electric cars looks very promising.


3D printing

In recent years three-dimensional printing has proven to be a no waste, quick and cost-effective way of reproducing goods. The technology has been used universally, transforming many research and manufacturing sectors.

Advancements in printable materials coupled with better mechanical techniques have enabled new developments in three-dimensional printing. Some notable ones have been printing with metal and the creation of 3D printed vaccines.

In 2017 engineers at MIT created a 3D printed vaccine, composed of 3D microparticles capable of holding vaccine doses. By making the microparticles biodegradable, this type of vaccine could deliver multiple doses of a vaccine over time, helping immunity for those who have limited access to healthcare.

Additionally, thanks to chemistry 3D printing is getting faster. Californian-based Carbon3d are designing alternative printed processes using photocurable resins. This has helped speed up printing from hours to minutes. Their 3D printers are relying on the chemical processes, rather than just additive layering.


These examples are some of many modern day discoveries that have been made possible as a result of chemistry, tech and engineering experts collaborating together – a perfect example of interdisciplinarity leading to innovation.

The future of the chemical sector is certainly looking bright. If you have a chemistry background and are looking to get involved in exciting new projects, then search our latest jobs here or get in touch with one of our recruiters for careers advice.

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Recruiting in a candidate-driven market

The recruitment market has dramatically changed over the last few years, due to a range of factors from the economic recession to Brexit.

During the recession we saw a surplus of candidates on the market, due to redundancies and candidates job searching because they felt at risk. Following the recession, unemployment rocketed to around 8.5% in the UK.  Companies who were recruiting found themselves spoilt for choice and as a result were often able to offer lower salaries and less preferential benefits, while still securing the best talent.

However, the tables have since turned. As the economy recovered, the labour market stabilized, but recently, especially since the Brexit referendum, we have noticed a massive shift towards a candidate-driven market.

In the current climate fewer candidates are looking to change jobs as they are still unsure about the future and are less likely to make rash decisions such as quitting a job.   Moreover, international candidates are less likely to consider roles in the UK, further diminishing the candidate pool.  As a result, the current unemployment rate is at 4.1% in the UK, the lowest it has been in 40 years, and skilled candidates are at a premium.

Consequently, those few candidates looking for new opportunities are finding work more easily. The best ones are attending multiple interviews and can pick and choose between employers. They can afford to wait for the right job to come along with the right salary and the right match to their selection criteria.

This is a great time for highly skilled job hunters who are in such demand, but it’s not good news for employers, who can be left struggling to recruit the right people and retain their current staff.  Companies can no longer expect interviewees to be available for long. To avoid disappointment, they need to make decisions quickly and follow up with an offer of employment as soon as possible once they have found the right candidate, or they risk losing out.

Companies seeking new employees are having to work harder than ever to entice people to work for them. Hiring managers and recruiters are raising their game by offering the best pay and benefits packages they can. They are also making sure the candidate recruitment experience is smooth and efficient so they can get an edge on the competition, as candidates are more likely to favour a company that is efficient, organised and makes them feel wanted.

Companies are also threatened by the whole array of tempting job opportunities now on offer by other companies who are happy to go the extra mile to entice new employees.  If they are not providing their current staff with a good enough salary and benefits package, they risk losing them to a more attractive option elsewhere.

All in all, a candidate-driven market means tougher times for companies trying to recruit, and for those trying to retain their staff. Finding the right candidate for a job is no longer a given, and companies recruiting are having to adjust their recruitment strategies accordingly.

For more advice on recruiting in a candidate driven market, check out our top tips for attracting candidates to your business.

For more information on how CK Group can help you find the right candidates get in touch today.

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Google Doodle celebrates the creator of the pH scale

Have you seen the Google Doodle today? It’s brilliant. Google honors the little known creator of the pH scale, Biochemist, Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen.

Sørensen was born in Havrebjerg, Denmark, in January 1868 into a farming family.  At 18 he originally studied medicine at the University of Copenhagen, but under the influence of chemist SM Jørgensen, he decided to turn his ambitions to chemistry.

He had a fascinating career culminating in becoming the head of the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen from 1901 to 1938.  While working at the Carlsberg Laboratory he studied the effect of ion concentration on proteins, exploring further the importance of the concentration of hydrogen ions. This study led to his most notable and world changing achievement –  the creation of the pH Scale. He introduced the scale in 1909.

The Google Doodle is a fun, interactive game where the user can guess which items have which pH level. Why don’t you give it a try?

Find out more about Sørensen here.


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Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant Job

We are currently recruiting for a very special role, a Graduate Recruitment Consultant job, based in our Stevenage office.

This is an exciting role to join our expanding Swiss division, CK QLS, where you will be working with world leading pharmaceutical and life science organisations in Switzerland.

At CK you will join a close knit team, with real purpose, and the opportunity to develop your career and reap the rewards. Alongside a highly competitive salary and bonus scheme, you will also be able to access a wide range of additional benefits including:

  • Enhanced company pension contributions
  • Private medical cover
  • Life Assurance
  • Salary sacrifice schemes including pensions, childcare vouchers and cycles
  • Annual teambuilding event
  • Long service recognition
  • Excellent training and development opportunities

Watch our latest video to find out what it’s like to work with us:


Find out more about this job or apply here.



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KellyOCG honour CK with Supplier Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that the CK Group has been awarded the 2017 Supplier Excellence Award by KellyOCG.

KellyOCG, the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services, presented the recipients of its Sixth Annual Supplier Excellence Awards at a ceremony in London last week

These awards are given to the top-performing national and global suppliers that provide superior workforce solutions to KellyOCG. This year, 31 companies were recognised were out of thousands of suppliers globally.

Operations Director Liam O’Connell and Key Account Manager Hannah Oakley attended the ceremony and were very pleased to receive the award.

Liam said “We are delighted to have received an award from KellyOCG for Supplier Excellence at their recent London Summit and feel that this is reward for the effort and skills of the CK Account Management team is supporting the Kelly programs throughout Europe.

The CK Group have worked on KellyOCG life science programs since 2009 and have built a strong and professional relationship with them to ensure that both clients and candidates receive the best possible recruitment experience. We look forward to further developing this working relationship for the mutual benefit of all parties over the forthcoming year”.

Find out more about CK here


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The best job perks to attract candidates

Studies have proven that in all industries, including STEM industries, salary and career opportunities are the two biggest incentives for candidates when it comes to choosing a place to work. However, according to a recent survey by Glassdoor, over a third of people admit to choosing a company over another based on the extra perks. Increasingly, the desires of candidates are shifting and they tend to be more interested in a good work-life balance rather than a big pay package.

Besides, job perks don’t only attract new talent – they also help with staff retention. According to Capita’s latest employee insight report, nearly 70% of staff are more likely to stay with a company if they feel they are offered good benefits.

Perks teamed up with salary increases are the best combination to keep your workforce satisfied and motivated, creating a nicer working environment and boosting productivity overall.

In this article we investigate the UK’s favourite perks.


Flexible working hours

Rather than the traditional nine to five, companies are increasingly offering Flextime – allowing employees to work when suits them best.

Some employees will like a lie in and come to work later. Others, notably parents, may prefer to come in earlier and leave when school finishes, to spend time with their children.

Offering employees this flexibility means they work their 37.5 hours when they feel most motivated and will help them attain a better work-life balance.


Remote working

Interestingly, 30% of people would rather have the option to work from home rather than get a pay rise.

Many roles don’t require employees to be in the office every day. Giving staff the option to work from home from time-to-time helps them save money and time by avoiding their daily commute.

This perk is especially useful for those employees who live further away or have families.


Childcare help and additional parental leave

High childcare costs often put new parents off returning to work or persuade them to work part-time. A good way to attract and retain new parent employees is to offer onsite childcare like a nursery or to help out with childcare costs.

Being a parent is stressful enough – if companies can help relieve some of that stress then these employees can be more relaxed at work and consequently be more productive.

Another attractive perk for soon-to-be parents is extended parent leave. Again, this won’t cost a company much but will keep these employees satisfied and encourage them to return after their parental leave.


Office outings

Office outings are a great way to boost office morale and help with team building.

They can create a community feel in the office and build staff confidence.

Office outings are especially useful for newcomers to get to know their peers. When applying for a company, the prospect of feeling welcomed into the company community straightaway can be appealing.


Extra holiday time

Holiday time is precious – and the more a company offers, the more attractive it becomes.

Furthermore, holiday time allows staff to rest and rejuvenate, keeping them happy and relaxed.

Some companies have gone as far as allowing employees to take unlimited paid leave – leaving them the choice to have time off whenever they wish and avoid feeling burnt out.


Other favourite perks worth considering

There are many other popular company benefits that can attract candidates and satisfy current staff – some others include:

  • Entertainment for the office (pool table, drinks on Fridays, office pets…)
  • Free food
  • Retirement plan
  • Performance benefits
  • Health and life insurance
  • Gym memberships

So, if you are looking to recruit or are struggling with employee retention, it may be worth reconsidering your company benefits.

Many of these don’t necessarily cost much – but will have massive returns on investment in terms of employee satisfaction, overall productivity as well as more candidates applying for your company.

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How to handle a counter offer

In the current job market, highly skilled workers are a valuable resource, and not readily available. As a result, counter offers are on the rise as employers try to retain their skilled workforce.

Chances are at some point in your career, after handing in your resignation, you will be given a counter offer by your current employer; but should you accept it?

Ultimately you’re the only one who can answer that question. However, Sarah Farrow, an experienced Recruitment Consultant here at CK Science has written a short article with her own recommendations on how to handle a counter offer to help you with your decision making process.

Sarah has a wealth of experience in this area after helping many job hunters to make the best decision for their circumstances but there are some golden rules to this process that are a must follow.

Take a look at her top tips here.


Sarah Farrow – Find out more about Sarah here.

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Job of the week: QC Technician

CK Group is currently recruiting for a QC Technician to join a medical device company in Blackpool who offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopaedic and neuro products for joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, neuro, craniomaxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials.

They are part of a family of companies, owned by one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies in the world. The 6-month contract may offer an extension at the end, but the experience gained during the contract will inevitably aid your career in the future.

The successful candidate will ensure that all routine testing is performed in a timely manner, adhere to GMP & GLP, carry out the chemical and physical testing of finished products to ensure that the quality of CMW products are maintained, conduct in-process production inspection tasks, assist with raw material inspection. Also, the ideal candidate will complete and maintain the appropriate documentation relating to the testing activities and carry out validation of new equipment or test methods.

Find out more about this job here

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CK attend Aston University – Careers Uncovered Event

As a recruitment consultant that focuses on junior to mid-level staff, I find myself spending a lot of time talking with graduates. Helping graduates find their first steps into the world of employment, and secure their first industrial position is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role.

It was therefore very exciting to be able to visit Aston University in Birmingham last week to meet biological students that were looking to build a career within the life sciences field. The students comprised a good mixture of biomedical Science and biology at all levels from Undergraduate to PhD.

My colleague Natasha Young, and I had the opportunity to present alongside a number of science and technical recruiters, as part of an event run by the Aston University careers department. The event aimed to give graduates a very realistic picture of job hunting within the science fields, and the steps that students needed to take to ensure success when looking for that all important first industrial role. It also gave students the opportunity to learn about some of the biggest players within science and technical recruitment.

During our presentation, Natasha and I spoke about a number of different issues. We focused on the science job market, including average starting salaries for graduates, geographical distribution of work, and the major growth areas within the life science industries. We aimed to give the students very realistic salary expectations and reminded them that a first role in industry is an investment in yourself.

The science job market is very competitive, with the number of students starting a STEM degree showing a consistent increase year on year. Our presentation gave the students some tips on how to differentiate themselves in a crowded job market. The key thing we impressed upon those in the talk was the need for flexibility when seeking their first role. This includes flexibility on things such as location, type of work, industry and of course salary.

We realise though that personal circumstance may mean that many can’t offer this level of flexibility, and so we made clear the importance of having a good CV when seeking employment within industry. This then followed with advice on how to make your CV more attractive to recruiters. Good CVs are clear, concise, have a consistent structure and also outline key analytical skillsets learned during studies.

After our talk, there was an opportunity to network with the students and answer more direct questions about searching for work within the science industries. I was incredibly impressed by the levels of determination displayed by the students, and the quality of questions asked.

We are always keen to speak with graduates that are unsure of their first steps into the science industries. We encourage students to give us a call, and one of our consultants will be happy to guide their first steps into industry. We are also keen to work closely with universities to assist students into graduate employment.

The event was enjoyed thoroughly by myself, Natasha, and all the different agencies in attendance, and we would like to say thank you to Aston University for having us.

If you are a graduate or are still studying and would like career advice, take a look at our Career Zone here.

Or if you would prefer to discuss your career options please contact Peter here.

Author: Peter Smith

Peter Smith

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Job of the week: Adhesives Development Chemist

This week we are looking for an Adhesives Development Chemist to join a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants based in Worcestershire, on a full time, permanent basis. This has been chosen as it is a:

  • Great opportunity to join a tight-knit company who are expanding and gain a broad range of responsibilities
  • Happy to consider applicants looking to start their career in industry, or alternatively those who have an experienced track record in adhesives development
  • An exciting range of benefits including holidays increasing with length of service, pension scheme and bonus scheme, with an early finish on a Friday.
  • Offering a very competitive salary

Find out more about this job here.

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CK announces the expansion of the Key Accounts Team

The CK Group are delighted to announce the expansion of their Key Account Team. The team will now support contract and temporary recruitment programs with a number of global pharmaceutical organisations.

This team will provide an improved client and candidate experience in the recruitment process by focussing on a number of key clients who have requirements within the life sciences sector.

The team have 68 years combined recruitment experience with the CK Group working in the pharmaceutical and science industries ranging from the science, clinical IT and engineering areas.

They will provide account management, recruitment, contractor support and management, compliance and reporting services to our client candidates, thereby ensuring that the experience of working with the CK Group is as efficient, smooth and professional as possible.

The team consists of:
Julie Marshall, Account Manager, jmarshall@ckagroup.co.uk, 01438 842978
Hannah Oakley, Account Manager, hoakley@ckagroup.co.uk, 01246 457711
Joanne Newbould, Account Manager, jnewbould@ckagroup.co.uk, 01246 457704
Heather Deagle, Senior Account Executive, hdeagle@ckagroup.co.uk, 0191 3706482
Kate Edwards, Account Executive, kedwards@ckagroup.co.uk, 0191 370 6487
Lucy Stendall, Account Executive, lstendall@ckagroup.co.uk, 01246 457725
Jenni Woolley, Account Executive, jwoolley@ckagroup.co.uk, 01438 768 710

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Join one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

We are recruiting exclusively for 1 QA and 4 QC professionals to join a biotechnology manufacturer who is globally one of the leading suppliers of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical medicines.

The company:

This household name is one of the world’s top manufacturers of biosimilar and biopharmaceutical products used in the treatment of a wide range of human healthcare conditions from cancer to arthritis. This company are a strong believer in helping patients by developing new treatments and taking them to market via their global network of specialist aseptic manufacturing, packaging and distribution sites.

The location:

The client site is located in a state of the art manufacturing facility based in Dun Laoghaire. Brightly painted houses, palm trees and townland parks greet visitors to Dun Laoghaire, an elegant port town just 13km from Dublin’s city centre.

It’s a vibrant cultural hub which is best known for its maritime history and locally caught seafood. The site is easily commutable from Kildare or Wicklow by car and there is a good public transport network if you would prefer to live within Dublin itself.

The jobs (click the links):

4 x Senior QC Associate – €30-35 per hour
1x Change Control Specialist – €30-36 per hour

If you would like any more information about these roles, contact Julie here

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