Is Motor Oil a Renewable Resource?

National Geographic News asked whether Motor oil could be a viable renewable source in their article Is motor oil a  renewable source – re finers say yes!

Currently tens of millions of barrels of lubricant pass through vehicle engines around the world each year, U.S. drivers alone produce about 1.3 billion gallons of dirty used motor oil annually. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 200 million gallons (757,082 liters) is dumped illegally each year. Some is “recycled,” but with dubious environmental benefit it typically ends up burned as a rather dirty industrial fuel source

However the National Geographic article tells us that there is another option which is to use  motor oil as a renewable resource. It is possible to re-refine used motor oil, restoring it to “good as new” quality. Then it can be resold over and over again at about the same price per quart as conventional motor oil.

In Europe, about 50 percent of motor oil is re-refined, thanks to regulations dating to 1975 that were revised in 2008, say analysts at Kline & Company, a market research firm based in Parsippany, New Jersey.  In North America, only about 10 to 15 percent of motor oil is re-refined. But that story is slowly changing as U.S. companies have begun to see a new market in “green” lubricant.

Kevin Ferrick of API says re-refined oil is gaining some traction in the marketplace. “We don’t track sales of re-refined oil but I will say that there are definitely more and more brands coming online that are claiming some percentage of re-refined oil,” he said. “It’s interesting that some of these have been around for quite a few years now and some marketers chose not to make that claim of re-refined content.”

Because U.S. regulations did not require marketers to label virgin-equivalent products as re-refined, marketers didn’t broadcast they were selling recycled product, fearing consumer reluctance to use “old” oil. But now, companies are recognizing a marketing advantage. “I’d say that because of increased environmental consciousness there seems to have been a change in attitude towards it,” Ferrick said.

Re-refined motor oil even has a presence on the NASCAR circuit through partnership with Safety-Kleen, the largest motor oil re-refiner in the United States. Safety-Kleen not only services race teams, but it collects motor oil for re-refining at NASCAR racetracks and team shops—some 185,000 gallons (700,300 liters) in 2010 alone.

Apparently it takes only about one-third of the amount of energy to recover re-refined base stock as it does to produce the same amount of base stock from crude oil, Using less energy means producing fewer carbon emissions. And the same oil can be re-refined over and over again said John Wesley CEO of Wichita, Kansas-based Universal Lubricants, producer of ECO ULTRA re-refined oils.

Kevin Ferrick of API said “If you’re concerned about the environment then by all means use re-refined oils,These oils are just fine for vehicles, as long as they are certified, and reusing something over and over again is always a good thing to do rather than wasting a valuable source”

Motor oil re-refining’s savings do add up over time, and the world’s total annual output of used motor oil is anything but trivial. That’s why, for many, a “closed-loop” system that puts the same oil back to work over and over again is a strong option.

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Patient feedback drives medical device changes

As reported by The Cambridge Network, the leading technology design and development company, Cambridge Consultants have today released findings of a study which set out to investigate the impact of medical device usability on user acceptance.

The study concluded that pharmaceutical companies could boost their market share by shifting their emphasis to improve the user experience. Further findings of the study included:

  • – Patients will may for ease-of-use – 77% of respondents stated that they would be willing to pay a premium for more user-friendly devices.
  • – Patients now have more choice than ever – 75% of patients reported that their doctor gave them a choice of which medical device to chose – 28% took their doctors recommendation – 21% stated that they did their own research when choosing a new device
  • – Lifestyle factors was the biggest reason for switching devices.
  • – Doctors and healthcare providers surveyed noted that better devices resulted in better patient compliance


Speaking of the findings, Melanie Turieo, Human Factors Team Leader at Cambridge Consultants stated, “The findings challenge traditional medical device industry conceptions about compliance and the patient experience. The industry has been good at maximizing drug efficacy but patient experience factors have not really been a primary focus. Only now are we seeing the patient experience take centre stage.

Drug makers need to realize that if you consider the patient’s broader needs throughout the development process—from conception, to design, development and commercialization—you are likely to have a more successful and effective product, resulting in improved compliance and therefore improved patient outcomes.”

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Scientists find that mobile phones could increase brain cancer risk

As reported by Sky News, according to scientists at the World Health Organisation (WHO), the use of mobile phones could increase your chances of getting brain cancer.

The scientists have classified mobile devices as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ and so have advised people to use their hands-free sets or text instead of calling. The scientists came to this classification after the discovery that the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields associated with handsets potentially heightened the chances of suffering glioma, a malignant form of the disease.


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Institute of Cancer Research Scientists win Royal Society of Chemistry Award

As reported by Medical News Today, scientists at the Institute Cancer Research (ICR)  have received  an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for the discovery and clinical development of abiraterone, a prostate cancer treatment.

The development of this prostate cancer drug is of particular significance as it is one of only a hand full of drugs which have been found to extend the lives of men suffering with late-stage prostate cancer.

Abiraterone has recently received approval in the US for men suffering with metastatic prostate cancer whom were no longer responding to chemotherapy. European approval is also pending.

The RSC is the largest European organisation that focuses on advancing chemical sciences. Their President, David Phillips  stated the award was given  “in recognition of their exemplary teamwork and scientific innovation that took abiraterone from idea to successful multi-centre Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of prostate cancer.”

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Nestlé Acquires Diagnostics Company

As reported by The Telegraph, the global brand Nestlé have acquired the Diagnostics company Promentheus Laboratories which specialises in manufacturing equipment used to diagnose bowel complaints.

The deal is a calculated move by Nestlé to expand their recently established Health Sciences Division who are focusing on developing foods that can be used in the treatment of disease.

Luis Cantarell, the man that heads up the Health Sciences Division at Nestlé, stated, “The largest drug you have in your repertoire is the food you eat.”

In order for the division to achieve their ambitions, Nestlé have also recently purchased CM&D Pharma, a UK-based company which was instrumental in developing chewing gum to treat kidney disorders, as well as Vitaflo, a Liverpool-based organisation which specialise in manufacturing nutritional supplements for people with digestive disorders.

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Food Industry Candidates, in the South of England

CK Science are specialists in recruiting for the Food Industry. We are currently working with a number of excellent candidates who are currently based in the South of England, but are willing to relocate nationwide. Please see below for more information:

QC Officer

  • Reference: 94500
  • Salary: £21,000
  • Location: Willing to relocate

This candidate has recently completed a QC role for a Food Snacks company where he was involved in the analysis of samples using HPLC, GC, FTIR and UV. He is also skilled in the analysis of oil samples, moisture content, flavour presence, and other QA duties in the food snacks QC department. He is living in London but would have no issues relocating. He would be happy to take on any further training and could start on short notice.

For more information, please contact Jason at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email

Process Development Scientist

  • Reference: 58491
  • Salary: £30,000
  • Location: Willing to relocate

This candidate is responsible for managing, planning and organising full scale factory trials for NPD projects (packaging and ingredients) and/or existing products. He manages and organises sensory assessments routinely and also for NPD, interprets results and generates organoleptic information for each product. Other responsibilities include investigating all non conformances resulting from daily checks carried out by Quality Technicians, monitoring customer complaints, managing the development of new variants from concept to launch and managing product refinement and process reduction projects. Available on one months notice.

For more information, please contact Jason at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email

Regulatory/Compliance Manager

  • Reference: 107198
  • Salary: £Negotiable
  • Location: Willing to relocate

This candidate is an experienced Regulatory Manager who ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and emerging scientific principles. She is skilled in providing regulatory advice throughout the product development process and post launch period and with being a representative on a variety of industry committees (Chair of Food & Drink Federation Food Law & Labelling Committee). She is also experienced in all aspects of marketing, research and development, legal systems, communications, brand planning, graphics and consumer information. Looking for a new challenge and immediately available.

For more information, please contact Jason at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email


QA Scientist

  • Reference: 62548
  • Salary: £28,000+
  • Location: Willing to relocate

This candidate is an experienced QA Scientist who looks after company standards to ensure compliance to corporate and government legislation. He deals closely with customers and handles any complaints, and is the key contact in the company for the provision of technical information such as nutrition, fat content, energy, regulatory, HACCP regulations and GMP.  He maintains the quality management system, writes protocols and organizes cleaning rotations. He is available for work at short notice and is happy to relocate.

For more information, please contact Jason at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email


  • Reference: 105257
  • Salary: £20,000
  • Location: Willing to relocate

This candidate is a Quality Control Officer with experience of performing microbiological, physical and chemical analysis on different batches of milk samples, media preparation, culturing of inoculants and reading of plates. He is accustomed with cleaning and setting up laboratory apparatus, environmental monitoring of warehouses and production facilities and ensuring compliance with company health and safety procedures. Immediately available.

For more information, please contact Jason at CK Science on 01438 723 500 or email

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CK are exclusively recruiting for ACAL Energy!


ACAL Energy Ltd is based in Runcorn, Cheshire, and is currently working on an exclusive basis with CK Science to recruit a variety of scientists and engineers outlined below. Please direct any queries to Vicki at or on 0114 283 9956, quoting the appropriate reference number for the vacancy you wish to enquire about.

ACAL Energy Job Vacancies:

Please find links to the currently available vacancies with ACAL Energy Ltd below:



About ACAL Energy

ACAL Energy Ltd is the world’s leading developer of low cost Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells systems, powered by ACAL Energy’s proprietary platinum free cathode technology (FlowCath®).

ACAL Energy Ltd is a developer of Fuel Cell systems, modules and consumable chemicals for a range of uses including stationary, residential and automotive applications. Its innovative designs will deliver substantial cost savings and performance improvements that will accelerate the adoption of PEM Fuel Cell technologies in key markets.

Fuel Cells are electrochemical systems that convert chemical energy to electrical power directly. They offer a clean and efficient technology for the generation of electricity and are poised to become the leading energy source of the 21st century in a range of applications.ACAL Energy has been announced as one of the winners of the Carbon Trust’s Polymer Fuel Cell Challenge competition, leading to a funded project intended to deliver the critical reduction in fuel cell system costs that must be achieved to make mass market deployment a reality.  The company employs leading scientists and engineers in the Fuel Cell arena and is now looking to expand the team to support this program of work.

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FREE Event: An Opportunity to Access EU R&D Funding

CK Science would like to take this opportunity to invite you an event which we think you will find valuable.

By attending this FREE event, you will learn first-hand about the opportunities for European R&D funding  in  Healthcare  projects soon to be announced in the 2012 FP7 call. This call has a significant focus on SMEs, with guaranteed EC funding to leading SME partners in successful consortia and a range of more broadly specified topics targeted at SME interests.

During the event there will also be an opportunity to hear about other sources of European Funding for SMEs through the Research for the Benefit of SMEs and Eureka Eurostars programs.

The event, organised in partnership with CK Science and Beta Technology will also provide details on how to access further support , give attendees a chance  to meet with national support teams, hear from a successful SME participant  and network with potential partners.  A buffet lunch will be provided.

When is the event?

This event will be taking place on Monday 23rd May at Biocity Nottingham’s Boardroom. The event will start at 9.00am and will finish at 13.30pm.


Who should attend?
The event is targeted at SMEs in the biotech/healthcare sector but will also be of interest to academics and other interested parties working in the following areas of health research;

•  Detection and Diagnosis of disease
•  Innovative therapeutic approaches and interventions
•  Large scale data gathering and processing
•  Development and ageing
•  Translational research on major infectious diseases, including HIV, TB and malaria
•  Translational research on, diabetes/obesity, rare and chronic diseases
•  Healthcare systems and public health
•  Adverse drug reactions


Agenda for the day:

  • 9:00 – 9.30am – Coffee and tea
  • 9.30 – 9.40am – Introduction from CK
  • 9.40 – 10.00am – Basic principles of FP7 and UK performance
  • 10.00 – 10.15am – UK support available (Beta Technology)
  • 10.15 -10.55am – 2012 Health Call and highlights from others – Biotech, ICT, Nano materials
  • 10.55 – 11.10 am – Break
  • 11.10 – 11.30am – Case study – Rebecca Martell from Simcyp
  • 11.30-11.45am – Innovative Medicines Initiative
  • 11.45 – 12.15pm – R4SMEs and Eurostars – Steve Bradley
  • 12.15 – 12.45pm – Q&A
  • 12.45 – 1.00pm – Lunch


How to register?

To register your place at the event, or for more information, please contact me on 01438 743 047 or email Alternatively, please reply to this message.

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Meet the recent addition to the CK Science team!

Carrie Ann Bell is one of the recent additions to the  ever expanding CK Science team and is based in our Durham office. Carrie Ann specialises in recruitment for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Diagnostics industries.

Find out more about Carrie Ann by watching this short video:


Want to meet the rest of the CK Science Team? Click here to visit the Meet the Team section of our website!

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Budget cuts could transform scientific research, UK

As reported by The Guardian, scientists may be forced to share laboratories and find ways fund their own equipment as a result of the government’s decision not to fund four major science projects The four projects, as outlined by the science minister, David Willets include:

  • A national supercomputing service for developing drugs and modelling climate change
  • A computer science centre at the Daresbury research and innovation campus in Cheshire
  • Redevelopment of the Institute for Animal Health
  • Upgrades to facilities at the Rothera research station in Antarctica

Cuts to hardware and facilities budgets could potentially drastically change scientific research in the UK. It is feared that the more sophisticated equipment will be funneled towards top universities and government institutions.

Lower ranking universities could also bear the brunt as money troubles mean that both research and teaching are under threat because the universities simply cannot afford to replace their old lab equipment.

To find out more about this recent announcement, please visit The Guardian website.


Are you looking for a job in science?

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The Salford Lung Study

Our sister company, CK Clinical is currently exclusively recruiting for the community study nurse team which will be responsible for driving the Salford Lung Study Project.

What is The Salford Lung Study?

The Salford Lung Study is an exciting and unique research project which will be focusing on asthma and COPD.

This large prospective study is sponsored by the global pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline and will be delivered in collaboration with the University of Manchester and various health services in and around the Salford area.

CK Clinical is exclusively recruiting for the large community study nurse team to drive this project, which will include:


The role of the community study nurse team…

  • To ensure patient safety.
  • To work closely with the primary care GP’s and nurses in order to compliance to study protocols.
  • To ensure practices are ready to participate in the study.
  • Once the study is underway, the research teams will work to ensure momentum and to, where necessary, provide respiratory care practices.


Why get involved?

These positions represent an exciting opportunity to join a high profile academic study and offer real development opportunities for those candidates with the experience, drive and motivation to bring this innovative study to a successful conclusion.


Want to find out more?

If you would like further information before applying for one of these roles, please call us on 0114 283 9956 or email your CV to

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Job Hunting over the Bank Holiday Weekend?

Are you going to be job hunting over the Bank Holiday weekend? Here is some useful careers and workplace advice from CK Science to help you get started…

Careers Advice


Workplace Advice


For more helpful advice speak to one of our professional scientific recruiters, contact the CK team.

Alternatively take a look at our current scientific vacancies now.

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New jobs at GSK’s first new biopharmaceutical plant in 30 years?

There is some speculation that the global pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, are planning to open their first new UK factory in 30 years, potentially creating 1,000 new pharmaceutical jobs.

Andrew Witty, chief executive of GSK is said to have not ruled out Montrose as a possible location for the new factory. The Montrose site current has 230 permanent and  50 part-time staff on it’s payroll.

Speaking of the Montrose site, Witty stated, “It is extraordinary to think that a few years ago the Montrose plant was close to shutting.

But the workforce applied great brain power to cost and process efficiently and now we are bringing work back from India – and Montrose is where it is going.

This is a workforce that has outmanoeuvred the threat of closure.”

Other sites shortlisted as possible locations for the new biopharmaceutical site include Barnard Castle, County Durham,  Irvine and Ulverston.

Are you looking for a new job in the pharmaceutical industry? Click here to search our current pharmaceutical jobs online now.

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Have you met our Durham Office Manager, Barney?


Barney is the Manager of CK Science’s Durham office and he’s been with us for six years.

Barney has an interesting background, having previously been a Marine Biologist and a Fishers Obersever in the South Atlantic.

If you are looking for a new career, or staff within the Chemical Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Food or Waste and Environmental industries, Barney is the man you need to speak to. You can contact him on 0191 3848905 or email

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Robert Bunsen’s Birthday marked with a Google Doodle

It would have been scientist Robert Bunsen’s 200th birthday today and the occasion has been marked with a Google Doodle!

Bunsen was born in Germany in 1811 and was the first to discover elements caesium and rubidium and then went on to develop the Bunsen cell battery.

However, his most famous innovation was the gas burner which he developed in partnership with his laboratory assistant Peter Desaga in 1854. It was used to study the colour spectrum of different heated elements.

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