The benefits of working and living in The Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is often overlooked as a potential location to seek employment, especially for those seeking employment within the UK. However, this EU country offers a number of excellent work opportunities and an active lifestyle, in addition to being located just a short ferry or plane ride from the UK. Here are just 10 of the many reasons to relocate Ireland and boost your career.

  1. Demonstrating your ability and willingness to work outside of your own country is encouraging for future employers. Travelling is often a necessary component of modern work and employers often seek staff that are able to demonstrate employment in a variety of locations.
  2.  Ireland is a democratic country situated within the EU. It is often associated with high cost of living; however, with the global economic downturn this cost of living has decreased somewhat.
  3.  Public healthcare in Ireland is funded by general taxes and can therefore be obtained without additional charges. For those who wish to avoid any waiting times private healthcare is also available.
  4.  The education system in Ireland is highly regarded worldwide and there are plenty of options for furthering your education or professional development at all levels.
  5.  Ireland is a friendly place, where speaking to a stranger is not a rare and unwanted occurrence. Irish people are polite, helpful and open to conversation. It has previously been suggested to be the friendliest country in the world by Lonely Planet.
  6.  Ireland is often misrepresented as an unsafe country in the media, whilst in actual fact it is one of the safest countries to live and work in, having been ranked as 12th in the 2016 Global Peace Index.
  7.  Ireland is a highly multicultural country with foreign nationals contributing to the countries economy and varied culture. In 2014 the percentage of non-Irish citizens living and working in Ireland was approximately 10%.
  8.  Ireland has a unique and traditional culture to be discovered and enjoyed. It wouldn’t be a trip to Ireland without listening to Irish folk music in a traditional pub while drinking a Guinness!
  9. Landscapes, landscapes, landscapes. Ireland is renowned for its stunning scenery with many breath-taking attractions to visit. These include the The Giants Causeway, Castles (visit Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone!), The Ring of Kerry, etc. You can hike, surf, climb, walk, cycle or just relax and take in all the stunning views this country has to offer.
  10.  Travelling to Europe is easy. Ireland has an excellent transport system including a number of airports that offer cheap and easy travel to a range of locations within Europe. Travel connections to Ireland from the UK are also readily available.

For more information about working in Ireland call 01246 457700

If you are interested in working in Ireland click here to search our current vacancies

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What is a Technical Expert?

We are currently recruiting for a range of Technical Expert positions. These roles are with a leading testing laboratory who are UKAS accredited at their site in Greater Manchester. So what does a Technical Expert do, and what skills are required?

Firstly, a Technical Expert is a leader in their field of analysis. These people will have built up a strong skill set in their chosen field throughout their career in industry, and will most likely have an established academic background to support their industry knowledge. Most Technical Experts will be at least degree qualified and may have studied to Masters and/ or PhD level.

Secondly, a Technical Expert will hold a senior position within a company and may be responsible for assisting with training and/ or leading junior staff members. They are accountable for providing specialist expertise in the development and validation of test methods as well as designing work programmes. This could be in collaboration with the Business Development team or direct with customers, to ensure their requirements are met. Technical Experts will then translate the newly designed workloads into the lab and will assist with problem solving.

The main aim of the Technical Expert will be to provide full analytical testing support for the products and/ or compounds in accordance with any required regulations (for example, cGMP, cGLP and cGCP) and may also have strict timelines and deadlines in which to successfully meet client milestones. As well as performing a variety of complex sample preparations, the Technical Expert will also perform said analysis procedures to quantitatively measure the products/ compounds in a variety of formulations. This could be for stability testing and other studies for analytical testing support. The ability to plan, schedule and carry out work for successful project completion is also required.

Typically, a successful Technical Expert will hold a number of skills and experiences relevant to their specialised analytical techniques and will be proficient in developing methods and validating the same. The positions that we are currently recruiting for have the following requirements:

  • Proven experience of devising work programmes and analytical strategies (as opposed to just implementing them)
  • Strong method development and validation experience
  • Comprehensive experience of working in a GxP regulatory laboratory
  • Degree qualified or equivalent in a relevant scientific discipline
  • Considerable and demonstrable proven experience in the practical and theoretical aspects of specialised analytical technique
  • Proven experience in the supervision and coordination of analytical projects performed by junior staff in a regulatory environment
  • Good practical laboratory and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills, written & oral and strong attention to detail

For more information about these roles, please contact us on 01246 457700.

We are looking for Technical Experts with experience in the following techniques:

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Biological Chromatography (HPLC, UPLC, MALLS)
  • Protein Chemistry – CE, CD, Western Blot
  • Quantitative LCMS
  • Chromatography (IC, HPLC, UPLC)
  • Assay Validation Specialist – chromatography

Alternatively, please follow the links below to review our current Technical Expert vacancies:

If these aren’t quite what you are looking for you can search our jobs HERE



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CV writing tips for pharmaceutical jobs

When applying for a new position your CV has to work hard on your behalf so making sure you pitch and present it correctly is vital. It is fighting for the attention of a Recruitment Consultant or HR Manager whilst competing with 100’s of other applications.

Your CV should sing your successes, showcase your strengths and demonstrate that you are the very best person for the job. This article has a step by step guide on how you can improve your CV to make sure it stands out from the rest. Click here to read the article in full

As part of our spotlight in the drug discovery and development sector we have created a series of advice articles to help you start, and develop your career.

Click here to view our other advice articles

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Have you considered a career in PV or Drug Safety?

Did you know its an option for you if you have a Life Science, Medical or Pharmacy degree? Well it is. In fact, careers in the clinical sector are easier to attain than most people with a traditional scientific qualification realised.

As part of our spotlight on the drug discovery and development sector we are looking at the range of careers available to those looking to build a career in the industry.

Working in Pharmacovigilance (PV) / Drug Safety focuses on the detection, evaluation, knowing and prevention of adverse effects (AE) of drugs.  You will also have a role in assessing the risk/benefit of products to ensure that they are safe to use. As such this is an important role in the drug lifecycle.

If you are interested in finding out more click here


Or click here to look at other careers available in drug discovery and development.


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Are you considering a career in drug discovery and development?

CK recently launched a spotlight on the drug discovery and development sector to provide support and advice to people looking to build a career in the industry. The drug discovery and development industry offer a unique career opportunity in that you will be contributing towards medical care across the world.

As part of our spotlight we have conducted extensive research with professionals in this area, employers and qualified recruitment consultants to gather a greater understanding into how young professionals can move into the industry.

Our research, in conjunction with data from the Bridging the skills gap in the biopharmaceutical industry report issued by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, indicated that there are severe skills shortages and areas where qualified people are in high demand so there has never been a better time to consider a career in this area.

A full breakdown of our results has been compiled into an infographic which aims to provide top tips on how you can best build a career in drug discovery and development.

Click here and zoom in to view our infographic


Or click here to visit our spotlight page


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What are the top pharmaceutical jobs?

The pharmaceutical industry is massive. Ill-health and disease steals tens of millions of lives every year, so a lot of money is invested in the search for new drugs. Many people enter the pharmaceutical industry because they want to make a difference, but it is useful to remember that many pharmaceutical jobs are also very well paid.

The sector is predicted to continue growing over the next five years. The continued development of strategic new drugs and therapeutic vaccines presents great opportunities for scientists and sales reps alike, so if you are considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry, the future looks bright.

Here is a list of the five top pharmaceutical jobs.

1. Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist

Senior research scientists are at the top of their game. They are responsible for managing research projects, making applications for research funding, reporting back on research findings, and keeping a close eye on new technologies. A familiarity with software development and IT is also desirable in the high-tech world of today. To reach this level within a pharmaceutical company, you need to have a broad skillset, which includes project management experience as well as plenty of time served in clinical research.

2. Research Scientists

Research scientists work in the laboratory or out in the field. To qualify for a position as a research scientist, you will need to have experience of laboratory procedures, including setting up and monitoring experiments. Research scientists typically write the proposals for research funding, so excellent writing skills are required, as well as the ability to present findings clearly and concisely.

3. Field Sales Reps

Field sales reps may not have experience of working in a laboratory setting, but they do need to have a thorough understanding of the products they sell. Sales reps are responsible for selling a pharmaceutical company’s products to new and existing customers. Excellent social skills are essential. If you are good at your job, your earnings potential will be very high.

4. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst

The pharmaceuticals industry is first and foremost a business. Pharmaceutical companies are in the game to make money – serious money – so financial analysts are employed to make sure the business is stable and profitable. Your job is to advise management on which investments are likely to be the most profitable, as well as the areas where cost savings can be made. Pharmaceutical financial analysts will normally have a background in finance rather than pharmaceuticals.

5. Pharmacist

A career as a pharmacist is generally seen as less attractive than medicine, but if you want to be at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical technology whilst retaining a degree of patient interaction, this is the career for you. To get your foot in the door, look for summer internships or placements, as these will give the experience required once you have graduated from university.

Jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry are highly sought after and competition is fierce. You will need the right qualifications and an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline is essential for research-based careers.


For advice on how to plan your pharmaceutical job search click here



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CK awarded top supplier award

CK Group, the leading independent staffing and recruitment company is proud announce we have received the Gold Award for service excellence from Agile-1.  Directors Liam O’Connell and Lorna Crombie of CK Group accepted the award during Agile-1’s 2015 UK Supplier Excellence Summit, held on Thursday, 1 October at The Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London, England.

CK is currently working with Agile-1 on two major pharmaceutical projects, providing scientific, technical and clinical staff via the company’s brands CK Science, CK IT and CK Clinical. 

Operations Director Liam O’Connell said, “We are of course delighted to accept this award on behalf of all the CK staff and contractors concerned and would like to thank every single one of them for their valued contribution.”

To read this article in full click here


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Student wins award for Industrial Placement

On Thursday 13th August CK Science were honoured to award Vithusa Varnakulasingam from University of Sunderland for being the best performing student at her Industrial Placement in 2014.  As sponsors of the award, we were pleased to be able to present and award Vithusa’s achievements with a certificate and cheque.

Sunderland award pic - dotmailer

Vithusa worked as an Analytical Chemist for Covance in Harrogate for 13 months, extended due to the value she added to the department, Vithusa excelled due to her love of lab work.

Praising her course, she said “The course at University of Sunderland has been perfect for me as it has given me broad science training, and the volume of lab work available gave me skills and knowledge which I was able to apply during my placement. This alongside the support given by the faculty, and the interview and cv training supplied by Barney at CK Science, has given all of us on the course the very best head start to either find our first job, or continue academically.”

Vithusa has a bright future ahead having graduated with a 1st Class degree and further awards for best student over the entire course programme / best final year analysis; she plans to do an MSc or PhD in either drug chemistry or biopharmaceutical formulations.

CK Science have been supporters of University of Sunderland  for many years, having recognised their ability to teach young people industry relevant skills and provide the UK recruitment market with employable graduates. Their commitment to the Industrial Placement Programme ensures they maintain strong links with industry, giving them insight to future skills requirements. This dedication supports the university’s overall aim to be an innovative, accessible and inspirational university to students across the world.

If you have just graduated and are looking for a job click here to contact us

Or if you are interested in a qualification with pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical click here


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CK are recruiting!

CK Group are currently recruiting for Resourcers / Trainee Recruiters to join their growing recruitment team. As specialists in recruiting for the Scientific, IT, Clinical an Engineering industries CK source permanent and contract staff for clients across the UK and Europe.

This is a great opportunity to join an expanding, exciting and dyanmic company who are looking for career minded individuals. 

So if you are interested in sales orientated roles and have lots of personality click here to apply!

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CK Science consultant finalist at IRP Awards 2013

CK Science’s Victoria Walker has been selected as a Finalist for the IRP’s Permanent Consultant of the Year award for 2013! The award, which recognises professional excellence, best practice and inspirational work ethics, is the ultimate accolade for professionals in the recruitment industry.

We nominated Vicki as one of our rising stars due to her commitment to excellent customer relationships, her business development techniques as well as her ability to continuously bring ambitious and practical solutions to her working environment. We feel this award would be very fitting for one of our top Senior Recruitment Consultants.

The winner of this prestigious award will be announced on Tuesday 3rd December – keep your fingers crossed for Vicki!

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Senior Microbiologist – Grangemouth

Barney Smith is recruiting for a Senior Microbiologist to join a pharmaceutical manufacturer at their site in Grangemouth on a permanent basis.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Stability programmes
  • Validation/ technology transfer
  • Testing for production
  • Implementation of best practice Environmental Montioring programmes

Click here to read the full job description and apply

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Facilities & Ops Manager – Nottingham

Naynesh Mistry is recruiting for a Facilities & Operations Manager to join a leading bioscience incubator company based at their head office in Nottingham on a permanent basis.

The role will require you to manage the overall appearance of the facility, ensuring it is maintained to a high level and that tenants receive the support available to them. A degree in Science, Chemistry, Biology, Food Science or equivalent is essential.

Click here to read the full job description or apply



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Laboratory & Facilities Coordinator – Hertdfordshire

Jason at CK Science is recruiting a Laboratory & Facilities Coordinator to join a unique open innovation bioscience campus in Hertfordshire.

The role will require you to project manage setting up a joint facility for cutting edge research at the campus, for key research groups from University College London and The University of Cambridge.

If you have a scientific background, project management experience and knowledge of H&S standards:

Click here to apply


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AstraZeneca’s BioHub receives new arrivals

As reported by The BioHub which is situated at AstraZeneca old site at Alderley Park now has a total of nine firms that have taken space since its launch earlier this year. Set up to nurture new biopharma start-ups, the 36,000sq. ft site, run by BioCity, provides facilities such as laboratory and office space, restaurant and conference rooms, as well as contract services.

Six new companies – Gentronix, Cyprotex Discovery, Bionow, OncoTherics, Integral Finance and The Research Network – have now taken space at the BioHub, joining three others (RedX Anti-Infectives, Blueberry Therapeutics and Imagen Biotech) who have located there since the project was started in May.

Or click here to view our current biopharma jobs

To read the story in full click here

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CK Science attending Sheffield Science Careers Fair

CK Science is once again exhibiting at the Sheffield Science Careers Fair which is being held on Thursday 21st November at The Octagon Centre which is part of the University Sheffield. The event, which is arranged between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, aims to promote the range of options available for science students and graduates within the science industry.

Click here for more information

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CK Science sponsor YCF Inaugural Dinner

CK Science is thrilled to be sponsoring the Yorkshire Chemical Focus’s Inaugural Dinner on 23rd October. The charity dinner is being held during the YCFs annual conference which is a two day event being held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

This year it focusses on “Your Journey to Reliability Excellence” where it will guide attendees though the process of achieving a sustainable, reliable and cost effective plant. Through a series of seminars and interactive workshops they will learn about the techniques needed, hear from top multinational companies and network with fellow industry professionals.

All attendees to the conference are able to attend the Inaugural Dinner, which is being held in aid of The James Milner Foundation, a charity that promotes healthy recreation and educational advancement of young people in need in the UK.

Click here for more information on this event

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CK attending the CIA’s National Skills Conference

CK Science will be attending the Chemical Industry Associations National Skills Conference on 25th September at the Leeds Marriott Hotel

The event, which has been jointly organised with NSAPI and Cogent SSC, is a must for anyone with people management or skills development responsibility. It aims to significantly enhance your knowledge of the skills landscape and provide you with practical solutions to tackle skills shortages and shortfalls.

If you would like to arrange to meet with one of our consultants at the event click here

If you would like to attend the conference click here to book 

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Regulatory Registration Manager – Buckinghamshire

Andrew Bolton at CK Science is recruiting for a Regulatory Registration Manager to join a Agrochemical Manufacturer at their site in Buckinghamshire on a full time, permanent basis.

As a Regulatory Registration Manager, you will be responsible for:

  • Preparation of registration dossiers for submission for pesticide products within Europe (Incl. UK), Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
  • Assist in preparing of labels, data sheets and MSDS information.
  • Ensure Senior Management are aware of changes in regulatory processes & policies that will affect the organisation’s product ranges.
  • Developing strategies for delivering a strong registration portfolio requiring low maintenance & costs.
  • Liaising with registration officials within suppliers, customers and 3rd party / regulatory bodies.

For more information on this role, please click here

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Scientific Jobs of the Week

Here is a selection of our top scientific jobs from the past week


Label Regulatory Reviewer – Switzerland

Complaint Handling Manager  – Switzerland

North East

Biopharmaceutical Scientist – Billingham

Senior Downstream Process Scientist – Teesside

Senior Bioanalytical Scientist – Teesside

Senior Upstream Process Scientist – Teesside

Stability Analyst – North East

Packaging Materials Analyst – North East

Process Technologist – North East

Yorkshire and the Midlands

Laboratory Scientist – West Midlands

Logistics Support Officer – Yorkshire

Process Engineering Manager – Northamptonshire

Development Analyst – Yorkshire

Microbiology Technician – West Midlands

National Planner – West Midlands

South East and London

Analytical Chemist – London

Scientific Assistant – Cambridge

Analyst – Cambridge

Quality Engineer -Surrey

Senior Chemist – Oxfordshire

Search our other jobs here

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Almac cancer research funding boost

Almac has invested £13 million into two cancer research ventures, with £7 million to be spent in Northern Ireland.

The pharmaceutical company, in a partnership with Queen’s University, are set to undertake research into the clinical performance of a drug developed within Northern Ireland. There will also be a project that has the intention of setting up a drug discovery unit in Queen’s Cancer research and Cell Biology centre at Belfast City Hospital.

Almac  is an international organisation providing a comprehensive range of services from research through pharmaceutical development to commercialisation of product. For more information on Almac’s services and the company itself, click here.

To search through our current science vacancies, click here.

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