Careers in Protein, Peptides and Antibodies

As part of our biotechnology campaign this month we are doing a feature on some of the positions we are seeing a high demand for. Working with proteins, peptides and antibodies is one of those were companies are looking to employ talented individuals. With variety of roles open to you including Fermentation Scientist (click here to watch our Fermentation video), Synthetic Chemist, or work in areas like protein purification, quality control or assay development.

Manufacturers of proteins, peptides and antibodies can be found across the country, but industry hubs in the UK are in:

  • Cambridge
  • Slough
  • Central Belt of Scotland
  • Teesside in North East England
  • West Midlands
  • North West – Liverpool/Manchester

Click here to watch our video on this sector and how you can secure yourself a position

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