Dealing with workplace conflict

The workplace can be a hub of potential conflict and disagreement even in your dream science job. This conflict can be extremely destructive and stressful so it’s vitally important that you recognise this and take steps to rectify the situation before it boils over.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with conflict in the workplace:

Tackle the cause

Really think about why you are arguing- what is the underlying cause? Make sure everybody involved understands what the underlying cause of the conflict is. This is the first step in getting people talking and thus resolving the conflict.

Let everyone have their say

When dealing with conflict in the workplace it is important that everybody involved feels they were given the opportunity to air their views fairly. It is extremely important that each party feels they were given the chance to express their opinion.

Find a compromise

Be open to compromise, and let everyone know this.  Do your best to be flexible and try to find a solution that keeps each party happy.

Always be respectful

You are at work, so you need to make sure you are respectful no matter how wound up you feel. Remain cool calm and collected and you will stay one step ahead of the game.

Stay positive

Approach the conflict with a positive mindset and an open desire to rectify the situation. The worst thing you can do is approach the situation with negativity. By offering possible solutions you will encourage others to communicate in a more positive way.

Be willing to back down

Always try to remember what is important to you about the conflict. Sometimes people struggle to resolve a problem if they are not willing to compromise or listen to the other side of the argument. Think about the consequences of continuing to argue. If it is going to do more harm than good, you may want to consider backing down.


Dealing with conflict in the workplace is not easy however it is important as you potentially have to work with this person or group of people for a while. It could also be that you all learn from it and relationships are much more positive than before.



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