Planning the journey to your interview

Have you got an interview coming up, is it for your ideal job? Getting to the interview on time and even a little early is very important. Being late to an interview immediately creates a negative impression meaning that you need to work extra hard to counteract this in the interview.

If you do arrive late or even if you get there just on time, you will feel flustered and stressed. To prevent this from happening, planning the journey to your interview must be prepared in advance.


Here are some tips on planning the journey to your interview:


1. Check and double-check that you have the correct details:

A couple of days before the interview, check that you have the correct name, address and telephone number of the company you will be interviewing with. Make sure you double-check these details both with your Recruitment Consultant or company contact and on the company website.


2. Travelling by car

If you are travelling by car, check the journey in advance on your phone maps or on a route planner. Answer these questions: How long will it take? Will I be travelling at rush hour? What time should I set off to allow for traffic and other issues?

If you will be using a sat nav or phone maps, please ensure that you have the correct postcode. It is also a good idea to screenshot back-up maps (e.g. from Google Maps or AA Route Planner) just in case your phone loses signal or if your sat nav is a little off track.

You should also make sure you have enough petrol to get you to the interview and back, this can be prepped in advance.


3. Using public transport

If you are going to using public transport, make sure you check the train connections and bus times prior to your interview. If there is going to be a walk from the bus or train station to the company, find out how long this will take. If you need to take a taxi to get there, find the numbers of a few local taxi companies and call them prior to your interview to find out how long the journey will take and fare prices. Remember not all locations have Uber.


4. Location questions

If you have any questions about the location of the company or the interview, please contact your Recruitment Consultant as they have all the resources to answer any queries for you.


5. Running late?

If you are running late? Please do call your Recruitment Consultant or company contact as soon as possible as they will be able to advise the company of the situation quickly. If your interview is out of hours, your Recruitment Consultant will be able to provide you with a phone number so as you can contact the interviewer directly yourself.


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