Technical Sales Careers

In this video Sarah Farrow will talk you through the scientific job and career opportunities that are available to you if you are interested in a career in technical sales:

Technical Sales

A career in technical sales can be very rewarding, with the opportunity to work with a range of clients, it’s a career that allows you to get out of the office, to utilise your technical expertise, and has some of the best earning potential in the industry.

This career isn’t for everyone though, it can involve a lot of travel away from home, and competitive targets and high pressure come with the job.  However, if you discover an aptitude for selling you can progress quickly up the career ladder.

Where are most companies located?

Biotech companies are often clustered around hubs in places like Cambridge, London and Newcastle, however working in sales, you are often field based, and as such may not need to be attached to an office.  You be likely to sell into academia and the NHS as well as industry, and may end up travelling internationally as well as within the UK

What skills do employers look for?

For technical sales, a good level of technical competency is required – you need to be able to comfortable talking with scientists and non-scientists up to director level.  A degree in Biotechnology or molecular biology would be ideal.

Some experience of sales is important, even if it’s just through a part time role whilst at University.  You need to be able to demonstrate your ability to work towards targets, you should be enthusiastic and tenacious, and able to think outside the box.

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