Medical Devices

In this video Naynesh Mistry talks about careers and jobs in Medical Devices, what types of roles are being recruited for, and the skills required to do them:

Medical Device represents a varied product group, ranging from simple disposable products such as face masks, syringes, through to surgical implements, patient treatment and instrument monitoring instruments.

Medical devices can be classified into different industries such as woundcare, diagnostics, surgical instrumentation, orthopaedics to name a few.

Where are most companies located?

The vast bulk of medical device output comes from SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) based across the UK. However the big multinational companies can be found in several locations around the country in particular in and around Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Oxford and Cambridge.

What skills do employers look for?

  • In terms of skills and experience this varies depending on the type of client, however most tend to look for people who have a Life Science or Healthcare degree.
  • A good understanding of SOPs and regulatory requirements
  • Working knowledge of European regulations/ standards for medical device or IVD products.

If you’re interested in a career in Medical Devices, please get in touch to discuss what career opportunities may be open to you 


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