Cambridge introduces ‘hot-labbing’ to biotech entrepreneurs and start-ups

As reported by Business Weekly, a new partnership between The Babraham Research Campus and The University of Cambridge’s ideaSpace is set to create 410 new biotech jobs.

The agreement will allow early-stage biotech companies and entrepreneurs to gain access to both the laboratory facilities at The Babraham Research Campus, and the co-working community at the ideaSpace. This will therefore add an exciting new component to the start up ecosystem in Cambridge.

Babraham traditionally helps early stage biotech companies and entrepreneurs through programmes like the Biotechnology Investment Forum and the Cambridge Bio-Academic Showcase. However, this new collaboration would allow the Institute to reach a new audience – entrepreneurs from ideaSpace.

Entrepreneurs at ideaSpace will now be able to essentially partake in a spot of ‘hot-labbing’ – whereby they get part-time access to the laboratory facilities at the Babraham Institute. ideaSpace has been mainly high tech and software focused, but the new ‘hot-labbing’ agreement will allow them to attract members from other sectors.  This is explained by Dr Belinda Clarke, director of External Relations at ideaSpace, “The superb facilities at Babraham can help ideaSpace support a wider range of members from different sectors who require such specialist facilities.”

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