Cambridge Biotech, play key role, €40m Collaboration

As reported by Cambune, companies from the Cambridge Biotech cluster will play a key role in an innovative epigenetics collaboration called Blueprint.

This €40m project which will aim to discover how the epigenome influences health and disease. It is hoped that this will help lead to great advances in the treatment of a variety of human diseases.

Cambridge-based  contributors that will be involved with Blueprint, include:

The study of epigenetics can help explain how human genes are influenced by external forces. The genome is essentially the body’s building blocks, so it is the epigenome that determines how these building blocks construct living things.

When the regulation of this is faulty, it can result in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity  and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Wolf Reik, associate director at the Babraham Institute and Professor of Epigenetics at the University of Cambridge, explains:

“It is clear that our susceptibility to disease can only be partially explained by genes alone and epigenetics is emerging as an important research area that is bringing insight to many adult conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders.

“The purpose of project Blueprint is to determine the properties and functions of epigenomes in development and disease.”

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